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Anyone stressed out and fancy a moan about Christmas??!

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LMonkey Fri 25-Dec-15 07:32:24

Just as I was up til about midnight wrapping presents (something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing or needed to do until the last couple of Christmases). OH was pretty useless especially seeing as it was mostly his side of the family who I was wrapping for! He eventually did wrap a couple after I shouted and swore went ballistic at him (again not something I particularly want to do Christmas eve). Woken up at 4am by 9.5 month old DD who ended up slightly dozing back off (well on and off until about 6.20am). Am now downstairs watching Scrooged feeding DD her breakfast while she is just constantly moaning and am waiting for DS to wake up to have his stocking. My presents from OH still aren't under the tree even though I put his out and all the kids' out last night. Oh and I've got to cook fucking christmas dinner. Feel like all my efforts are totally taken for granted and don't get much thanks. Believe me I know there are people a lot worse off but by the end of yesterday really felt I was going to have some kind of mental breakdown. Same happened last year. Don't feel Christmasy at all and its going to be a real effort forcing the smiles while present opening. I know Christmas is about the kids but should it really be so stressful for adults really??

Savagebeauty Fri 25-Dec-15 07:34:58

No it shouldn't.
It should be fun.
Why do you do it all????

LMonkey Fri 25-Dec-15 07:51:17

I don't know! It just seems to happen that way. I want my OH's family to have nice gifts and I know if I leave it to him there won't be much thought put into them. I need to find an answer to the wrapping situation though. Ive never been one to wrap as I buy because I like to look at it all laid out (!) and figure out whats going with what. I need to rethink that as now I have kids that appears to definitely not be a good plan.

I had second DC in March and I really am finding life with 2 absolutely brutal!! I don't know how people cope with any more! To think that I am still on maternity leave and next Christmas will be back at work and I will have even less time and will feel even more stressed......oh dear god.

LineyReborn Fri 25-Dec-15 07:53:01

I suppose we want our DCs to have happy memories of Christmas time, so we do it.

My ExH was an 'opt out' merchant as well.

LineyReborn Fri 25-Dec-15 07:56:15

OP I really think you'll have to scale it back next year. Start telling people now, so it isn't a surprise to them.

Let your OH either buy or not buy for his relatives; or agree children only get presents. And something for each other.

And use gift bags. They can be reused and are essential in this house!

LMonkey Fri 25-Dec-15 08:11:11

I totally agree Liney. We only buy one adult gift and receive one adult gift in his family anyway (sort of a secret santa type thing). Just had so much to wrap for DS though (went a bit crazy on the present buying).

LMonkey Fri 25-Dec-15 08:13:25

Another thing while I'm moaning is OH always gets the lie-ins!! I managed to get one last week on my birthday. Other than that I'm up with DD every day by 6.30am and she still wakes once in the night so I'm knackered. Oh FFS.

Savagebeauty Fri 25-Dec-15 08:15:32

Have you told him how you feel?

LineyReborn Fri 25-Dec-15 08:19:14

In that case it could be that you've got an OH problem, and not a Christmas problem, and Christmas is shining a light upon it.

Being shattered is crap.

Can you tell him you want him to step up - ie will he listen?

LMonkey Fri 25-Dec-15 08:52:07

He's aware of it, just behaves like I'm moaning. He does do some general house stuff tbf and we are both crazy busy. He just seems to get a bit more respite.

LineyReborn Fri 25-Dec-15 08:59:39

Tell him you need more sleep.

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