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What have you forgotten?

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IHaveBrilloHair Thu 24-Dec-15 23:17:05

Me, a lemon, a bloody fresh lemon.
Not a disaster but every year.
I guess it's not Christmas without something being forgotten.

imwithspud Thu 24-Dec-15 23:18:13

Eggs, thought we had more in than we did. Not a complete disaster though.

Susiesue61 Thu 24-Dec-15 23:18:55

A Vamps CD for DS2! Not a disaster but annoying , it was supposed to go with the tickets!

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Thu 24-Dec-15 23:20:17

Mixers!! A gift for my DH aunt who always buys the kids, I hope that's it!

ouryve Thu 24-Dec-15 23:20:38

Nothing, but some of the bread I bought on Tuesday wasn't good for today, meaning I had to dust off the breadmaker earlier than anticipated.

Starlingsintheslipstream Thu 24-Dec-15 23:21:14

Beer! To be fair I don't drink it much but dh will miss it! We have wine, gin and whiskey aplenty but no beer.

birdboo Thu 24-Dec-15 23:25:37

A lemon. We even did a extra greengrocer run for tomatoes and advocado today.

Sunnyshine Thu 24-Dec-15 23:26:33

Scratch cards for everyone and chocolate for stockings, grrrr. Annoyed as know will want to stuff faces first thing fshock

Whataboutreindeer Thu 24-Dec-15 23:27:57

I've lost the Christmas pjs. I have totally forgotten where I hid the bastarss.

TheCrazyDuchess Thu 24-Dec-15 23:29:20

Crackers fsad

Lifeisdinky Thu 24-Dec-15 23:34:21

Brillo/Birdboo - I can provide lemons to you because we have forgotten the smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and brown bread that would go with the lemon for starter.

anyoldname76 Thu 24-Dec-15 23:34:30

angel delight, im not a fan of the stuff personally but my children like it with jelly fbiscuit

MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 24-Dec-15 23:42:52

Milk! I'm so annoyed with myself as I have none for DD for the morning... I even wrote it on my hand earlier.. fconfused

PreAdvent13610 Thu 24-Dec-15 23:47:02

DS2, I have one of his friends here instead confused
We will swap them in the morning.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Thu 24-Dec-15 23:48:35

I can't remember!

Nittyb Thu 24-Dec-15 23:50:47

Brandy butter ... I'm sure we can live without it, & completely forgotten where I put kids school photos to go in grandparents pressie 😯

MyCatHasStaff Thu 24-Dec-15 23:51:28

Cranberry juice for the Christmas Kisses cocktails. I'll have to drink the vodka and amaretto separately...

ThatsNotMyHouseItIsTooClean Thu 24-Dec-15 23:52:41

Branflakes. We have pain au chocolat, croissant and Christmas tree crumpets as well as the usual alternatives of cornflakes, rice krispies & weetabix but 3yo DS is a creature of habit who knows what he likes (about 6 items) and what he does not like (everything else) so he will not be happy & chocolate may not distract him.
I know lovely neighbour has branflakes for breakfast but her DC1 is only 5 months and is under the misapprehension that once her DD sleeps through the night, parenting will be a piece of piss. I see the look she gives me sometimes when DS is tantruming and really don't want her to find put that I abandoned the course.

Chillywhippet Thu 24-Dec-15 23:53:02

Nuts. I don't mind but they always go in the stockings

ThatsNotMyHouseItIsTooClean Thu 24-Dec-15 23:55:00

Sorry...DH distracted me there. I really don't want lovely neighbour to find out that Christmas is possibly ruined (well, that there may be a tantrum) simply because I forgot to buy branflakes.

HemanOrSheRa Thu 24-Dec-15 23:55:23

More farking wrapping paper. Arse and bums. Gah!

GaryGilmoresEyes Thu 24-Dec-15 23:58:54

Onions but I can open up work tomorrow and grab some!

GaryGilmoresEyes Fri 25-Dec-15 00:01:44

Oh and tubs of chocolate...

superram Fri 25-Dec-15 00:30:43

After eights, also due to friends changing plans we are not eating until later so could have gone with smoked salmon for push brunch-toast it is! Will be fine.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Fri 25-Dec-15 00:34:53

After Eights here too. Prob just as well, they're like crack cocaine.

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