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whats everyone doing today??

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Doublebubblebubble Thu 24-Dec-15 08:30:42

I am currently cutting vegetables to make a stock for gravy. In a minute I'm prepping my brothers vegan dinner and then setting the table with DD so I dont have to after presents and before I'm stuck in the kitchen making dinner...

What's everyone doing x

dementedma Thu 24-Dec-15 08:37:54

Planning on getting up....
Turkey to collect, veggies to prep, visit dad in care home, general tidy up and ironing of clothes for tomorrow,champagne to chill in readiness for Carols from Kings....

unlimiteddilutingjuice Thu 24-Dec-15 08:38:04

Getting the kids up and packing bags ready for 4 hour drive to Grannys house

Savagebeauty Thu 24-Dec-15 08:38:50

Coffee with a friend then going to Spitalfields for lunch

NowBringUsSomeFuzzpiggyPudding Thu 24-Dec-15 08:40:38

Currently camped on the sofa while the DCs watch National Treasure. DH is working this morning and my dad is coming up to take us all to mum's later.

I have a heap of stuff I should be doing, mostly housework and packing, but TBH I had such a shit day yesterday that I'm worn out and actually can't be bothered. blush

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 24-Dec-15 08:40:41

Still in bed having a lie in. Then I'm walking the dogs. Dh and ds1 are going for a run. Dh is taking the DSes go karting whilst I'm cooking a few things this afternoon for the next couple of days. We are out to supper in a local pub this evening.

Caprinihahahaha Thu 24-Dec-15 08:43:42

I'm SO excited!

I'm changing the beds, packing for our holiday and I have to go into town briefly.
This evening we are watching elf. Ds1 is coming home for Christmas Day [hooray]. We are going to have dinner, chat, chill out.

Ds2 will go to bed really early. DD will fight going to bed at all.

gamerchick Thu 24-Dec-15 08:45:22

Still in bed, I don't want to be a grown up today grin

G1veMeStrength Thu 24-Dec-15 08:48:52

I'm with you Gamerchick!

The house needs a tidy, I need to wash whatever everyone is going to wear tomorrow, I need to locate air beds and sleeping bags. Nothing much but I cba. Plus the DC are very excited but grumpy/ratty- they need some sort of excercise.

Christmascheerful Thu 24-Dec-15 08:49:02

Already changed my bed sheets DH started work at 8 so got our of bed at 7 with him. Ironed my "festive" table cloth... about to set the table for our nice 'christmas eve meal' as not having christmas Dinner here tomorrow...
Already been to aldi... madness at 8am!
Why dh comes home (early dart at 12) lunch then we're going to go to the pub to meet friends... I'm designated driver as 37w pregnant... fun!

Stickerrocks Thu 24-Dec-15 08:50:12

At work (tax returns stop for nobody at this time of year), whilst eating the Lindt chocolate Santa from my advent calendar.

DamsenBerry Thu 24-Dec-15 09:07:50

Working 7am-6pm! Then a manic evening of baking and wrapping Christmas boxes before DP gets home from work around 1am. Hopefully get the housework done, and might even snatch an hour to myself to have a nice bath. Wishful thinking most probably!

Davros Thu 24-Dec-15 09:36:37

Got woken up by bloody delivery man, grrrrr. So got up, tidied the kitchen after neighbours round for drinks last night. Now having dog roll and a cuppa and catching up on The Archers. Change bed clothes once DH gets out of it, wrap last presents, collect turkey, visit 88 year old mum (3.5 hrs round trip) while DH and DD start preparing veg etc for tomorrow, kebabs and film on telly. Done!

thunderbird69 Thu 24-Dec-15 09:41:41

Went to Tesco earlier (wasn't too busy). Now at work (although obviously not working that hard as I'm on here...)
No big plans for this evening

swooosh Thu 24-Dec-15 09:44:27

(late 20's no kids!)
Have to wrap a few more presents, arrange them in box to take to my aunties tonight, under the tree for tomorrows guests and in dining room for boxing day guests.
Go to the gym
Christmas film afternoon
Aunt and uncles and cousins house for evening drinks and presents with family

IrritableBitchSyndrome Thu 24-Dec-15 09:46:45

Lying in bed with a sprained knee, a full bladder, and a heavy toddler over one arm, vaguely pondering how to complete the to-do list of stuff I wrote before I sprained my knee. Relatives coming to stay later. I sprained my knee by sitting on the floor last night making pizza dough with toddler. The fun of hypermobile joints. Sigh!

Eminybob Thu 24-Dec-15 10:00:50

DP is working this morning so I'm going to take DS for a mooch around the garden centre to look at all the pretty Christmas displays and maybe get a coffee and a price of cake. I need to buy a couple of last minute bits so will pop into tesco and hope it's not too rammed.

Then when I put DS down for a nap (he's been having epic 3 hours ones recently) I'm going to finish the wrapping with a glass of baileys.

MissMogwi Thu 24-Dec-15 10:17:06

Had a lovely lie in, so I have just got up. I've made some Slimming world muffins for breakfast in an attempt to pull back my diet (pointless I know!)

Will do a little housework before going into town with the DD's. Poor old DP is in work. He is not happy.

I still have to prep food for tomorrow and set the table. Then I am on the gin and tonics and feet up.

OnGoldenPond Thu 24-Dec-15 10:24:10

In work till 1pm then home to try to conquer the chaos! grin

BeaufortBelle Thu 24-Dec-15 10:26:09

Everything is done. Just need to set the dining room table and pfaff in the kitchen over giblet stock and I fusing milk with onion and cloves for bread sauce but I like doing that.

Will have a late schmooze round the shops with dd because I like doing that and seeing how cheaply I could have bought a turkey at 4pm

Notwithoutareason Thu 24-Dec-15 10:35:11

I'm hiding all the clutter in my room rather than tidying properly so that it's done quicker

Every year I half kill myself tidying on Xmas eve and waste the day so this year I changed sheets a couple of days ago and today I've got some clear plastic boxes will fill them with clutter and put in my room, shit the door and enjoy my tidy house over the next few days !
I want to watch the grinch and elf with Dcs not tidy up!

Notwithoutareason Thu 24-Dec-15 10:35:47

That would be SHUT the door not shit it !

shortaris1 Thu 24-Dec-15 10:36:45

Not going into town, that's for sure.

Mr Buble is singing to me as I do a wee clear up and possibly nip out for a bit just to get some fresh air then back for lunch and a Christmas film. My folks arrive later. First Christmas Eve off in 17 years so planning to enjoy it!

DurhamDurham Thu 24-Dec-15 10:40:03

I'm home alone a the minute, husband is at work. Youngest is at her boyfriends but will want a lift in the next hour or so. I'll pick her up and we will go out for coffee and cake. Oldest daughter is travelling back from visiting her boyfriend's family tonight and is due home 9ish.

My husband has done all of the food shopping and is cooking tomorrow so it's been stress free and lad back for me this year.

Have a good one everyone winewinewine

Buttwing Thu 24-Dec-15 10:41:49

Change the beds, wrap two presents, have a look what I actually ordered from m and s as dp has dumped it in the garage fridge freezer. Tonight when all the kids are in bed have a finally sweep/wipe round. We are going to tgi Friday for tea with the kids (why oh why did you book there dp?!)

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