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What time do YOU put the filled stockings/ presents at the end of the bed

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AllyourGreens Thu 24-Dec-15 00:58:26

Have had no problems in the past with the dc waking at a reasonable hour to open their stockings but this year they are more excited than ever (5yo and 3yo) and have been waking an hour earlier than usual each day this month just to open their advent calendar! Worried that I'll be starting Christmas at 3am if I leave it out too soon fgrin

shouldwestayorshouldwego Thu 24-Dec-15 07:43:25

Stockings are hung by the fire place. The only fireplace we have in our house is an ornamental one in our bedroom. Stockings are put there the night before and filled by the time they are up in the morning.

WeAllHaveWings Thu 24-Dec-15 08:10:52

we have always put ds's stocking at the end of his bed, but he's been told no opening until 7am at earliest.

If he wakes earlier he brings his stocking into bed with us and snuggles up and usually falls back asleep for a while.

SnowBodyforrrrm Thu 24-Dec-15 08:22:30

Mine are 8,4,3&3.

I usually put the stockings at the end of the bed before I go to bed, they get told they're not to open them until it's light.

Last year I may have been a touch noisy and woken my oldest trying to lug his stocking up to the top bunk (we had visitors pop by so I may have had a baileys or two). I won't make that mistake this year, managed to blag it but wouldn't get away with it two years in a row. I'd leave it till the early hours if I had a choice but we're all quite unwell with sore throat, headache, cough etc so sleep is precious at the moment.

BondJayneBond Thu 24-Dec-15 08:23:29

I don't. I put them downstairs by the fireplace.

ginmakesitallok Thu 24-Dec-15 08:27:04

Stocking go on top of their present pile under the tree

evilgiraffe Thu 24-Dec-15 08:35:10

Stockings go in front of the fireplace downstairs, just like when I was small. End of beds is too much like hard work!

Sameshitdiffname Thu 24-Dec-15 08:36:45

I didn't know people put them at the end of the bed!

Don't you worry about disturbing the children?

LBOCS2 Thu 24-Dec-15 08:37:52

End of the bed, always. Well, until they become teenagers and then it's on the door handle outside the door!

YouMakeMyDreams Thu 24-Dec-15 08:38:02

They go on the end of their beds when I go to bed. They can open when they want. I'd love to tell them not until it's light but we live in the Highlands half the day would be gone then.
I have been known to wake the dc up on Christmas morning they are up early all through December and can't sleep on Christmas Eve so they lie in.

jelliebelly Thu 24-Dec-15 08:42:47

Leave stockings outside their bedroom doors when we go to bed. Father Christmas gifts in living room at same time.

Washediris Thu 24-Dec-15 08:47:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Helenluvsrob Thu 24-Dec-15 08:47:51

THis year they will be down round the fireplace! I've had it with creeping round at 2 am!

VoldemortsBaubles Thu 24-Dec-15 08:54:01

Mine are hung along the banister. Dc are teens so once they are settled upstairs. They will stil be awake but they won't bother with them until morning.

The dog on the other hand has to be fast asleep, locked in my bedroom. He can smell out a squeaky toy from a mile away and loves rummaging through his stocking. He would have me demented if he knew it had been filled fgrin

GloopyGhoul Thu 24-Dec-15 08:55:35

We're sharing a room with our daughter this year, so it might have to be fireplace for us too!

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 24-Dec-15 09:00:20

Once they're asleep. Always the end of the bed here, the excitement of feeling a full stocking by your feet is really hard to beat. We used to say no opening before 7 and get them to bring them thtough to our room, the last couple of years they have woken before us and opened stuff but have stuck to not disturbing us before 7.

G1veMeStrength Thu 24-Dec-15 09:04:25

On the bed. Oh the feeling of a heavy stocking by your feet, it's unbeatable, I'm excited just thinking about them being excited!! We have to wake up early tomorrow anyway.

ruthsmumkath Thu 24-Dec-15 09:06:30

End of bed here - take away to fill when asleep - last year fail was dd1 (11) pretending to be asleep and seeing me - Atleast now I have an elf assisting me with younger ones!

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 24-Dec-15 09:19:28

I find it really exciting sneaking in and out with the stockings while trying not to disturb the DCs, just wouldn't be the same doing them downstairs.

Mrswinkler Thu 24-Dec-15 09:22:02

End of bed, open whenever he wakes in the morning. I can hoover outside DS's room at night and he wouldn't wake.....

He's sulking this morning though because his Czech mate gets to open his presents Christmas Eve.

munkisocks Thu 24-Dec-15 10:51:01

Dd only 6 months so all presents under the tree right now. Next year or so it'll be end of her bed.

clam Thu 24-Dec-15 11:02:34

My two are 17 and 19 and go to bed way after we do.

It's a pain, but also quite sweet in that they still share a room on Christmas Eve so they can open their stockings together.

WonderOnTheUp Thu 24-Dec-15 11:09:20

My ds 8 has his stocking on the end of the bed (as my parents always did for me and I loved it). So the alarm gets set for 3am (everything in stocking ready to go) so pop it on end of bed then back to sleep for me!

This year we are on holiday and the layout of the cottage makes this difficult so it will be put in front of the fireplace downstairs. Sadly I don't think ds believes anymore sad

NotCitrus Thu 24-Dec-15 11:53:53

Stockings in front of the fireplace in living room here.
As a child mine was left next to my bed until I was 4 and saw my dad doing it (wasnt bothered, don't think I ever thought Father Christmas was really real), then on my door handle.

If I'm really lucky, ds and dd will go to the living room and leave me in peace for a while, though will probably demand help opening something first...

Jw35 Thu 24-Dec-15 12:12:18

Around midnight

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