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A turkey crown defrost question...

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BumpPower Wed 23-Dec-15 15:26:22

My friend Google has told me I should leave 30hrs to defrost the 2.5kg turkey crown and that I should do it in the fridge but this will take longer. So it has been in our fridge since 1100 giving it a full 50hours until it needs to go in the oven. The question is do I take the vacuum pack the butchers sealed it in for me off? I'd rather not as it keeps it conveniently clean (have placed at bottom of fridge and in roasting tin to be safe) but will the packing slow the thaw?
Any ideas wise wise mnetters...

chubbymummy Wed 23-Dec-15 15:34:56

Leave it sealed in a tray in the fridge. That's what I always do with mine.

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