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Right, I need to blitz the house.... anyone else got a list as long as their arm?!

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Wenchelda Wed 23-Dec-15 10:18:36

DH has just left to take the DCs out for a few hours so I can get on with turning what currently looks like a tornado has been through, into a place ready to host Christmas for 11. My "to do" list is crazy ... Finish cleaning the oven (I put the oven pride stuff in last night); put away 2 baskets clean laundry; stick another load in; change beds; dust & Hoover upstairs and down; mop downstairs (laminate flooring throughout); clean downstairs loo & bathroom; clear all the general clutter; tidy spare room. Eeek.... Better get on with it I guess. We will be out most of the day tomorrow too so it needs to get done today..... Anyone else having a manic day......?

MercuryRising Wed 23-Dec-15 10:39:33

I need to have a manic day as I don't want to be rushing around tomorrow. My to do list looks like this:
Change our bed
Clean bathroom
Washload in and dried
Declutter and tidy living room, kitchen and conservatory.
Get dc to tidy their room.
Dust and hoover throughout.
MW appointment
Make rocky road cookies with dd
Take dc to see Christmas lights

At least by the end of the day most things will be done .... if I get motivated and make a start fblush

Wenchelda Wed 23-Dec-15 11:07:00

Just checking in - hoping it might keep me more motivated if I keep coming back to say what I've done! - beds are all stripped & dc's beds remade; wash load in; clean laundry sorted into piles to be put away; bathrooms/downstairs loo sprayed with cleaner so it can work its magic whilst I dust & Hoover upstairs (which is my next job) .... Back to it!

ilovehotsauce Wed 23-Dec-15 13:52:30

Did downstairs last night need to do upstairs tonightfsad currently doing Xmas food shop list why oh why I didn't order online!

Going to drag myself upstairs (39 weeks pregnant) and strip beds and chuck in wash and start cleaning after I've been to tesco! God help me!

ElasticPants Wed 23-Dec-15 13:55:31

I find headphones and music make me clean faster grin

I need to clean the kitchen, send DD round with a duster and clean out the Guinea pig.

I managed to clean the carpets, mop the mappable floors and put away a ton of clean washing this morning.

Elvish Wed 23-Dec-15 14:04:39

I'm at work until 6 and DH is in the hospital and is apparently coming home tomorrow slacker

My to do list:
Clean downstairs loo
mop downstairs hard floors
Vac living & dining rooms
Vac up the stairs bloody DH's job
Vac and mop kids rooms (2)
Make DDs bed
Vac my room, change my bed
Finish cleaning the bathroom
Vac up the stairs to the loft and the loft bedroom
Clean the loft bathroom
Put on bedding, leave towels, tissues etc in loft for guests
Make sure we have change of bedding / towels for 2nd set of guests arriving Xmas day
Wrap presents from DCs to other people with their help hmm
Wrap kids presents
Make Jamies make ahead gravy
Eat / sleep / breath

And I'm supposed to be working tomorrow as well shock

OohMrDarcy Wed 23-Dec-15 14:08:34

This is so me!!!

My list includes :
Wrap kids presents
Clean Kitchen
Tidy Lounge
Wash my bedding
Try and dig out the kids trees from the garage (Currently MIA )
Move storage boxes to garage
Hoover throughout
Finish Uni assignment
Get up to date on washing
Tidy my room

Yesterday I sorted the foodshop and gave the guinea pigs their bath / nail trim. I've put my bedding in the wash now and am about to wrap a couple of presents then think I'll nip out to the garage whilst its light enough.... eeek

twinkletoedelephant Wed 23-Dec-15 14:08:39

I need to do 4 loafs of washing toilet and bathroom deep clean hoover all bedrooms clean of table move two large chairs into living room and clean the bloody kitchen as well as watch/referee 3 children.

I have hidden away on one of the big chairs in the kitchen drinking tea watching captain america and pudding about on mumsnet..alongside he cat encouraging the cat to bloody go outside

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