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Help ?!! Need recommendations for good online source of FIFA 16 xbox 360 coins

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Lappy214 Wed 23-Dec-15 08:08:30

Last minute request from ds as one of his other requests is totally unavailable.

Does anyone know a safe and reliable site to buy these virtual coins from online. Some of them seem a bit suspect with dodgy wording/spelling etc and I'm worried about my money disappearing or worse.

Thanks in advance

GrimmauldPlace Wed 23-Dec-15 08:19:13

Do not buy your son coins. It's extremely difficult to do nowadays as EA have imposed lots of restrictions on the marketplace. It will involve a lot of work with no guarantee you'll actually get the coins and the very real possibility of your son getting banned from fifa.
However, you can buy fifa points using xbox currency. You just have to either top up the account directly via the xbox or you can buy gift cards at lots of places.
You could also try cdkeys which sell them for cheaper and if you 'like' them on Facebook, you'll get a 5% discount code.
Hope that helps.

Lappy214 Wed 23-Dec-15 15:48:41

Thanks so much for your reply MrsFizzy

What sort of gift cards am I looking for ? I'm assuming that they are the sort of gift cards you can buy at supermarkets.

GrimmauldPlace Wed 23-Dec-15 18:06:28

They're basically just money cards that top up your wallet on xbox. These are what I'm talking about, you can buy them in lots of denominations depending on how much you want to spend. The one I have linked is a download code so obviously you can't wrap it! But it is a good deal as you get £5 free.

You can pick them up in most supermarkets, definitely if they have a games section. Or you can buy online and get sent a download code.
Once you have the code it needs to be redeemed via his xbox account. Then he will have to go on to fifa and buy the fifa points. It sounds complicated but isn't really!

Let me know if you need any more help!

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 23-Dec-15 19:23:43

AMazon are doing a deal on xbox points too. If you buy a £30 card you get £5 free.

I have also bought downloads from cdkeys several times before and have had no issues with them

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 23-Dec-15 19:24:45

oops should have checked MrsFizzy's link smile

ShowMeTheCocoa Fri 25-Dec-15 17:01:41

DS got FIFA16 for our XBox360 for Christmas. He now wants me to buy him FIFA coins. I have looked into this as I was concerned about MrsFizzy's comments above. DS says he is willing to take the risk of losing his account as he has two. Both children say YouTubers recommend certain sites as safe and reliable to buy these coins. After talking to DS I understand that you cannot legitimately buy coins [i.e. via MicroSoft] because you are supposed to earn them through repetitive game play - example: playing 200 football matches would earn you 100,000 FIFA coins, which you could get for about £10.

I hate the monetisation of games - we have already paid for the console and game and now apparently it's too boring unless we spend more money on it! On the other hand, it is Christmas and it's his money. And who wants their child to spend hours playing a boring game? I would not like to get him into the habit of buying his way through games, or of getting round rules, but thought I might allow it just this once, as it's Christmas and he is ten and understands about spending his own money - he's been after these coins for ages.

You can legitimately buy Points but then you take pot luck when buying packs of players - you may not get any good ones. So coins do seem less of a senseless waste of money. Apparently you can get the players you want when you have coins. Hope I'm understanding this right.

Some of the sites do look dodgy. I picked one with a reasonably good TrustPilot review [MMOGA] and said I'd let him buy the coins. The way this market works is that you give the person who holds the coins temporary access to your account (!) so that they can deposit them therein. When I went to buy the coins, the attached form popped up. The blue comment says it only needs your Origin email address, but all the other fields are red-starred as though compulsory. And I can't see how they could do it without your password! Confused.

Also a problem is we thought we'd better check the Origin email and password before filling them in and it turns out we can't remember the password. We asked for a reset; have not received the reset link.

Why can't we just all sit down and watch telly???

GrimmauldPlace Sat 26-Dec-15 10:08:18

It's just my personal opinion that the risk is not worth it when it comes to buying coins. Each to their own, of course.

You are right in that buying coins is a lot cheaper than buying points and opening packs with pot luck on who you are going to get. Although, when you open packs you can then sell any players, contracts, items etc you do not want to earn coins. Which in turn means you can buy and sell to work towards earning enough coins for the player you really want.

Last year on fifa 15 coin buying was rife. What would happen was you bought coins from a site, listed a player on the marketplace for however many coins you have purchased. The site you paid for the coins on would then go on to the marketplace, look for the specific player you've listed and make sure it matched your gamertag. They would then buy the player and you would have your coins. EA then imposed restrictions on the marketplace which included minimum and maximum amounts you could list players for based on what they're worth and by also removing gamertags from listings. In effect, making it almost impossible or at least extremely difficult to buy coins in the old way.
Obviously, as you have found, the coin selling sites devised a new way which involves taking over your account. This makes me uneasy for a few reasons. Mainly, that you are giving over access to your account to a random person. The majority are probably legit. However, you could never be 100% sure.

I also hate the monetisation of games, especially in game purchases. However, it is certainly not necessary to spend extra money on fifa to make it interesting. You play matches and earn coins. I personally enjoy "saving up" to get packs or decent players.

Did you manage to sort it out?

WeAllHaveWings Sun 27-Dec-15 00:39:21

Ds(11) has asked for coins and has been told no for many reasons.

Coins have been setup in the game as something you earn. It's a bad lesson to teach a child it's ok to cheat instead of earning the coins.

I also got the game is no good without good players arguement, again if he wants good players he has to practise and earn them without cheating.

I would not want him to think it is a good idea to give out account details and passwords ever.

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