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What is your Christmas eve meal/snacks

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AJFsmummy Tue 22-Dec-15 16:43:43

Normally we order a full works Chinese banquet, this year we are hard im surfing the web now for cost effective ideas.

What does everyone else have? xx

Minibelle Tue 22-Dec-15 16:46:08

I've bought party food from tesco for Christmas Eve. They had a pretty good range, just gotta resist temptation to eat it now!

milkmilklemonade12 Tue 22-Dec-15 16:48:37

We have Mexi-Christmas Eve... A Mexican theme night cooked up by DH!

We have fancy dress (although you don't have to do this wink), DH cooks burritos, fajitas and nachos, churros for dessert and mixes raspberry margheritas. We have a piñata, play cards and have wild Mexican themed music on in the background.

It's a fab lift from the regular pies and meats and buffets we have from thereon in, and just sets everything off with a bang... I love it grin

AJFsmummy Tue 22-Dec-15 16:49:33

We had those spicy roulette croquet things.....rather nice..xx

Savagebeauty Tue 22-Dec-15 16:50:35

M and S curry

WiryElevator Tue 22-Dec-15 16:51:20

Not a lot as there is so much food on Xmas Day. Lunch will probably be sandwiches or eggs. We are meeting lots of friends in the pub late afternoon so there will be wine and crisps. Maybe some nuts. It is Christmas, after all. fgrin

Maybe some hot chocolate and Xmas cookies/mince pies when we get back. Some cheese and crackers perhaps.

Davros Tue 22-Dec-15 17:52:07

Take away kebabs and champagnefgrin

SparklyTinselTits Tue 22-Dec-15 17:59:32

My mum is Polish, so we have a traditional Polish Christmas Eve (it's more the main event in Poland than Christmas Day). Traditionally fish is served. Meat isn't eaten out of respect for the animals that watched over the baby Jesus in the manger (I'm still a little bit hmm about that myself). We usually have a whole salmon (which mum cooks in the dishwasher grin), mum makes Barszcz, which is a rank beetroot soup, and pierogi which a like little dumplings filled with cheese, potato and onion yumminess.

I'll probably gain about 4 stone, but I love Christmas Eve fgrin

MummyPig24 Tue 22-Dec-15 19:53:44

We have cold meat, sausage rolls, cheese, crackers, grapes and chocolates.

MummyPig24 Tue 22-Dec-15 19:55:19

Oh whoops, Christmas Eve. I thought you meant Christmas night! Christmas Eve varies. We are going to my grandma's this year, she is a notoriously awful cook and her oven has just broken. I'm not sure if that makes it better or not.

gerbo Tue 22-Dec-15 19:57:35

Pizza night! Normally I make my own or tart up bases, but it's posh sainsburys ready done ones so I can sling them in and we are eating quickly. Garlic bread and salad. Yum. Frankly there's enough cooking on Xmas day for me!

Quornmakesmefart Tue 22-Dec-15 22:27:22

We have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve - it's our tradition smile.

We cook a huge Chrstmas ham as well as the turkey, then come Christmas Day all the hard work is over and everybody can help themselves to the contents of the fridge. Also means I get to spend Christmas day with the DC and their presents rather than half of it in the kitchen...

FelixFelix Tue 22-Dec-15 22:30:47

We are having nibbly bits - so some party food type stuff, crisps and dips, cheese and crackers etc.

ImperialBlether Tue 22-Dec-15 22:32:20

Sparkly, I want to come to your house on Christmas Eve!

AdoraBell Tue 22-Dec-15 22:40:08

I'm stealing your Mexican idea for next year Milk, sounds fab fgrin

This year we are having salmon with veg and rice and will watch a movie, DDs in new pajamas.

AFingerofFudge Tue 22-Dec-15 22:44:14

sorry can I just go back to what sparklytinseltits said -
your mum cooks the salmon in the dishwasher?????!!!

Davros Tue 22-Dec-15 23:40:17

I don't get why doing all the cooking and eating on Xmas eve is "better", it's just a day earlier and those who do it end up doing in Xmas day what the rest of us do on Boxing Day. I can't see any real difference?!

serin Wed 23-Dec-15 00:25:12

Blimey, I have Googled dishwasher salmon and can confirm that it is a thing.

Lots of recipes online!

Who knew.

Laura2006 Wed 23-Dec-15 00:38:29

This year we're having ham, egg and chips smile

Janeymoo50 Wed 23-Dec-15 08:00:10

Homemade fajitas, pack of tortilla wraps, some veggies (peppers, red onions), pack of chicken and one of those sachets of Mexican seasoning (the Maggi one is great as you stick it all in a roasting bag in the oven for 45 mins). Add some grated cheese, cheap salsa, tub of sour cream and packet of Doritos for dipping. If you're careful the whole thing comes in at under £10.

ohmymimi Wed 23-Dec-15 08:29:08

Glühwein, fondue with sourdough cubes, baby roasties and cocktail sausages, boozy mince pies and brandy cream. fsmile

Pengweng Wed 23-Dec-15 08:50:55

We have party food and pork pies. To be scoffed while putting all the pressies under the tree and watching the Masterchef final. grin

Washediris Wed 23-Dec-15 09:08:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Wed 23-Dec-15 09:12:01

fish pie at lunchtime
buffet supper after the Crib Service at church - cheese, crackers, Christmas cake, party nibbles.

Chattymummyhere Wed 23-Dec-15 11:14:17

We are doing the Pizza Hut £25 get two large pizza's, garlic bread and one side. I also have a £10 off voucher due to bad service last time.

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