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What would you buy with £30 worth of Christmas money?

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SpencerPastingsss Mon 21-Dec-15 18:03:01

I am going to the shops tomorrow because my dear nanna wants me to buy something with her Christmas money, so she can wrap it up for me grin

I was going to buy a nice YSL lipstick in one of the pretty, gold tubes, but DM mentioned that I could by this myself any time and I should get myself something a bit more presenty. She is right.

So what would you buy with £30? I like beauty stuff, or I was thinking a nice silky nightie.

Help please!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 21-Dec-15 18:03:48

I'd get a lovely big scarf or some slippers or a big fat cookery book. Or maybe some perfume.

atticusclaw2 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:04:17

Surely you could buy anything at any time? I'd stick with the lippie if that's what you want rather than buying something for the sake of it.

recklessgran Mon 21-Dec-15 18:13:39

Perhaps your mum thought that granny wouldn't be too happy about wrapping a lipstick as it is only a small thing to show for £30. I would probably use it for something really lovely in a more luxurious version than you would normally buy for yourself.

Fourormore Mon 21-Dec-15 18:21:07

I'd go for perfume.

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Mon 21-Dec-15 18:23:21


birdboo Mon 21-Dec-15 19:01:02

I would go for anything that reminds me of that person and they'd "approve" of. My Gran gives us £30 for Chirtstmas and she's teetotal, it feels wrong to buy booze.

I'd go for the lipstick if that's what you want. Every time to wear it you'll get a lovely reminder.

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