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Shortbread is not the only biscuit

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drspouse Mon 21-Dec-15 15:27:33

I was looking forward to the Lebkuchen I'd put in my Sainsbury delivery basket for tomorrow. Now I log back on to add some things and they are "no longer available". 99% of the suggested alternatives are shortbread. I'm sure it's very nice but it's not exactly the same! Why is shortbread considered "Christmassy"? Is it because it's got tartan on the box??!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Mon 21-Dec-15 20:17:26

I'd imagine that it's more to do with Hogmany. Traditional shortbread, clootie, cherry cake etc.

We always have some around during the festive period.

drspouse Mon 21-Dec-15 21:20:27

Could be - but it seems to be falling into the category of "things that aren't on sale after the 26th" which doesn't make sense if that's so.

To me, a lot of the Scandi things like gingerbread and German like Lebkuchen (especially now the German Christmas markets are everywhere) are a bit more Christmassy.

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