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SIM card for new phone

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thegreenhen Sun 20-Dec-15 12:07:00

Does anyone know how this works?

I've bought my son a new phone for Christmas. It uses a different SIM card to his current phone.

If I order a new sim for him now so he can use his new phone on Christmas Day, will EE spoil the surprise and send him a text to his current phone saying "thank you for ordering your new sim" or similar?

Not sure whether to order it now or wait until Christmas Day?

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sun 20-Dec-15 12:11:58

You can carefully cut the existing one, and use that. So he can keep the number. Or go into the shop for a new one and ask them to transfrer his number - not sure you can have two sims with the same number - which is really what you`re asking.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sun 20-Dec-15 12:13:19

Also a lot of phones wont work without a sim now. So his new phone will be `rubbish` and he wont be able to use it, until the sim is sorted.

thegreenhen Sun 20-Dec-15 14:55:02

I would expect to have to activate the new sim, so only one sim would work at any one time.

Also he needs a bigger sim for the new phone than the previous sim, so cutting it down isn't an option.

Luxyelectro Sun 20-Dec-15 14:57:20

Go and get one from the shop.
You can register it on Xmas day online to his phone and current number.

Luxyelectro Sun 20-Dec-15 14:58:42

Also. There are sim carrier converter things that allow you to put a smaller sim in a phone

Luxyelectro Sun 20-Dec-15 15:01:51

Like this:
The phone shop will give you one probably.

thegreenhen Sun 20-Dec-15 15:06:41

Thanks, I doubt I can get to the shop now before Xmas. (35 miles away and I'm working until Xmas eve). I might just have to chance the online one.

Luxyelectro Sun 20-Dec-15 15:08:45

eBay and Amazon have those carriers for 50p - can you get one delivered rather than spoil the surprise?

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