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Funky PJs in a hurry! Any ideas?

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leaningtoweroflego Sat 19-Dec-15 23:58:37

I'm looking for women's PJs which are fun - childish even maybe.
But nice (naice?!) - not minions etc! (Am I making any sense?!)

Something like this (these are well made, heavy cotton, but they only do the bottoms for £30 and I was hoping for a set for about that).

Also just to complicate things, I need it to be somewhere I can get it delivered (or delivered to store) for Monday!

Any ideas, oh wise mumsnet people?!

Vajazzler Sun 20-Dec-15 00:00:47

Have you tried next?

leaningtoweroflego Sun 20-Dec-15 00:08:26

Sorry, I should have said! I have tried

Fatface (where the ones pictured are from)
Not on the High Street
House of Frazer
Boux Avenue
Dolly Rose
Boo Hoo
The White Company
Nicholls Crick Howel

And probably some other I've forgotten!

About to try TKMaxx. I suppose being mumsnet I should try Boden!

What have I missed?

potap123 Sun 20-Dec-15 00:14:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leaningtoweroflego Sun 20-Dec-15 00:19:58

Damn, TK Maxx have a pair that would be perfect, but next day delivery doesn't include weekend orders.

The design is little coffee mugs, it's 100% cotton and a good quality make and only £20. Poo! Why didn't I do this yesterday?! Oh yes, yesterday I was wrapping presents for the post today!

I must start earlier next year!

leaningtoweroflego Sun 20-Dec-15 00:23:52

John Lewis have some lovely stuff, but out of my price range.

Like this for example ... for £85 shock

leaningtoweroflego Sun 20-Dec-15 00:24:46

I'm not deliberately choosing white / cream backgrounds btw - must be "in"!

Fluffywuffyunicorn Sun 20-Dec-15 00:46:48

Boohoo have some unusual ones. And do next day delivery.

leaningtoweroflego Sun 20-Dec-15 00:49:00

Tried Boohoo, no joy. sad

Pobspits Sun 20-Dec-15 00:51:02

too twee?

Pobspits Sun 20-Dec-15 00:52:55

I like these?

amarmai Sun 20-Dec-15 01:39:49

saw some cute ones in H&M

LibidinousTurkey Sun 20-Dec-15 04:12:00

I've just ordered from Joules for the DGC and they were delivered to store the next day.

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