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£20 present for a 2 year old boy, what would you buy?

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ApplesAndPears1234 Sat 19-Dec-15 23:44:43

I am stuck for ideas, and could really use a bit of help from someone who knows what 2 year olds might like!

flowers TIA


mrsmeerkat Sat 19-Dec-15 23:51:44

For 20 I would go with little figures for small world play. Argos have lots. Or a tractor or cars.

PLAYMOBIL have nice stuff for 2year olds

Fuckitfay Sat 19-Dec-15 23:53:03

2 and how many months as I think that's a big difference between a just 2 and nearly 3

VoldemortsBaubles Sat 19-Dec-15 23:54:11

If he is only just 2, Cars, trains or anything with wheels

If he is almost 3, superheroes figures

ApplesAndPears1234 Sun 20-Dec-15 00:02:14

He is only just 2.

Floralnomad Sun 20-Dec-15 00:09:34

If you can stretch the budget slightly Toys r us have the Little Tikes car transporter for £24.99 , it says 3+ but I've bought one for a younger child .

myotherusernameisbetter Sun 20-Dec-15 00:13:15

Playmobil 123.

This set is half price if they have it in stock for you:

- otherwise maybe the bus or car and garage set:

or combine one of those with the bin lorry?:

In my experience with two boys - all of those would go down well but boys do love bin lorries smile

Shirkingfromhome Sun 20-Dec-15 00:13:47

Transporter with cars on it. John Lewis sell one for £15. My ds (also 2) loves it. They also sell police car, fire engine and a rescue helicopter (all big ones, complete with sirens) for £20 each. You can't go wrong with these either.

Mrsw28 Sun 20-Dec-15 00:33:56

Toot toot drivers! A car or the deluxe track or something.

Squishyeyeballs Sun 20-Dec-15 00:35:44

My almost 2 year old loves anything got to do with cars/transporters. Vtech toot toot sets are also a big hit, as is play doh. Santa is bringing him hungry hungry hippos which I am sure he will love too, although he may have to grow into it fsmile

BrewsterToo Sun 20-Dec-15 00:42:41

A marble run. He may not be able to put it together now, but it will be YEARS of fun! marble run

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 20-Dec-15 00:43:12

My near 2 year old boy loves Vtech toot toot cars, he will get a road mat for his birthday.

Fuckitfay Sun 20-Dec-15 07:49:14

My just two yr old loves

Lego Duplo
great duplo half price offer

Happy land
happyland plane

Play doh and playmobil 123 good shouts too!

kimlo Sun 20-Dec-15 07:51:47

Playdough with tools.

Winifredgoose Sun 20-Dec-15 07:57:55

Duplo, tractor, any other transport, lovely books, play doh, play food, tool belt, doctors set. My just two year old boy also loves his dolly.

Chrisinthemorning Sun 20-Dec-15 07:58:23

Duplo is a great present and lasts. Or a starter wooden train track set?

ilovehotsauce Sun 20-Dec-15 08:00:50

Aquadoodle hours of fun and no mess!

BubsandMoo Sun 20-Dec-15 08:09:12

I was going to say duplo, DP got this for his DNs and like the idea can add to it each bday etc

LurcioAgain Sun 20-Dec-15 08:15:08

Brio knock-off train set - Tesco sell these (or used to)

Happyland rather than Playmobil (at just turned two, the latter have too many small bits).

How well do you know his parents and are tgey precious? I quite often get second hand stuff for my great niece and nephew cos you get double the stuff for the money and my niece is quite happy with this (got a beautifully looked after Happyland pirate ship this year).

Anything he can trundle - eg a brick truck.

Ride on toys - we had a great mothercare one which was relatively cheap.

myotherusernameisbetter Sun 20-Dec-15 08:47:39

It's playmobil 123, not playmobil. It's suitable from 18 months.

ApplesAndPears1234 Sun 20-Dec-15 12:11:57

Thanks for all the lovely ideas.

I am spoilt for choice!

I don't think I'm confident enough about his parents' reaction to buy him anything second hand. I can see the logic behind it though, Lurcio.

RueDeWakening Sun 20-Dec-15 12:17:45

Yy to the car transporter, we got it from Kiddicare last year for £20, played with by both 5 & 2 year olds.

2yo is getting a marble run for Christmas grin

He also likes Lego, cars, animals, klik klak track, and brio (not actual brio, but tesco or IKEA versions).

ApplesAndPears1234 Sun 20-Dec-15 14:29:44

Are 2 year olds usually past putting things in their mouths?

Is there a particular marble run you would recommend?...I always wanted a marble run as a child, so I do like the idea of getting him one.

myotherusernameisbetter Sun 20-Dec-15 14:44:46

Depends on the 2 year old - DS1 definitely. DS2 still puts stuff in his mouth and he's 14!

ApplesAndPears1234 Sun 20-Dec-15 14:58:19

Thanks, myotherusernameisbetter flowers

Sorry, BrewsterToo - I somehow managed to overlook your link to that marble run.

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