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What are you wearing Christmas Day?

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kate1296 Fri 18-Dec-15 21:44:46

Trying to find a nice dress nothing uncomfortable as want to obviously play with Los and cooking but do want to feel dressed up! What are you all planning to wear? X

CatsCantFlyFast Fri 18-Dec-15 21:47:11

Place mark. Struggling to find something

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 18-Dec-15 22:11:04

Ooh I know this already fgrin

(BTW , at Easter I was chatting to my DDad about last Christmas. He couldn't remember what my lovely table setting was like . It was pale blue, took loads of effort to find, not a really festive colour.
But I couldn't remember what I wore ................. fshock )

This year:
early morning, I have Primark leggings (Nordic print, I'm too old for the gingerbread men sadly) a brown Uniqlo vest/bra long top and white cotton robe - Hot Flushes)

Day will be black brocade pattern leggings (I wore last year) with my new Primark sequin jumper [classy wink )

OSETmum Fri 18-Dec-15 22:15:24

I shall be wearing the above gingerbread man leggings with a denim skirt and plain red jumper ( also classy) 😂

BlueBananas Fri 18-Dec-15 22:24:16

I'm wearing tartan leggings and a long black lightweight jumper, probably with festive dashes of baby sick and snot fgrin

U2HasTheEdge Fri 18-Dec-15 22:46:36

Pjs most of the day!

When my mum comes over I will put on my comfy jeans and tunic top which I seem to wear all the time.

I really need some new clothes!

U2HasTheEdge Fri 18-Dec-15 22:48:17

Ohh ok, I'm now wearing gingerbread leggings grin


frikadela01 Fri 18-Dec-15 22:49:43

My work uniform sad

MishMooshAndMogwai Fri 18-Dec-15 23:12:45

I don't know!

Gingerbread man pjs in the morning but I need to at least get dressed for going round to mums after lunch. Booo!

It needs to be cheap, comfy and BF friendly.... I'm not hopeful!

OhSoggyBiscuit Sat 19-Dec-15 07:36:08

Jeans and a penguin jumper.

Allthatglitter5 Sat 19-Dec-15 07:41:45

frikadela hope the day at work isn't too bad, I've done a few and really quite like the atmosphere.

I bought the 'Francesca' dress from Boden this year - it's not festive as such, I just really like it and couldn't otherwise justify the cost. Will add a bit of sparkle makeup wise.

jamtartandcustard Sat 19-Dec-15 07:43:00

Hoping to wear black leggings, long line vest top and I sparkly silver jumper. Could potentially be in a nightie screaming the hospital down.
I suddenly have very little sympathy for anyone who complains about having a December birthday. Baby was more then welcome to make an appearance 3 weeks ago but appears to want to hold on in there to as close to the big day as possible angry

CasualJersey Sat 19-Dec-15 09:53:43

Red Boden colour block dress from a few seasons ago, it's comfy but looks smart. (With either black or red tights/ Leggins depends on heat inside!)

Heyheyheygoodbye Sat 19-Dec-15 10:02:34

Dark green fit and flare dress from Dotty P. It has a sort of crochet lace trim on the cuffs (3/4 sleeves) and hem. It looks nice but feels like a nightie fgrin

Diggum Sat 19-Dec-15 10:05:44

Bit like heyhey- teal coloured fit and flare dress made of lovely soft stretchy lace and lining. Soooo comfy but looks nice too.

ElasticPants Sat 19-Dec-15 10:10:01

A onesie until lunch time, then jeans and a Christmas jumper. Dhs grandad requests a photo of us all round the table wearing shitty jumpers every year.grin

We get dressed up Christmas Eve. We go out for lunch and then see the panto. I have black skinny jeans, nude heels and a teal Ted Baker blouse.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 19-Dec-15 10:10:23

This dress with grey shrug, fishnets and silver t bar flats

notafanofwinter Sat 19-Dec-15 10:11:14

Jean with the top button undone smile

Pyjamaface Sat 19-Dec-15 10:12:59

I'm wearing a teal-ish knitted skirt, made by my sister, over leggings with a black top.

And my Christmas slippers from my mum when I open them

ocelot41 Sat 19-Dec-15 10:21:34

Just got a bee-yoo-ti-ful frock from Nancy Mac after having looked like a scruffbag for past 5 years. Looking forward to feeling glam

CakeNinja Sat 19-Dec-15 10:31:59

Er, joggers and a tshirt! Never dress up for Christmas Day, it's a day to relax not primp and preen fgrin

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 19-Dec-15 10:41:57

Jeans and a sparkly top, it's all about comfort here, rather than dressing up, which I find a chore. I spent an hour doing hair, make-up and clothes for works night out last night and am glad that's over for another year.

ohtheholidays Sat 19-Dec-15 10:47:43

A dressy dress,still have to buy it yet though!The most disorganized I've ever been this year.

niceupthedance Sat 19-Dec-15 11:19:14

Reiss floaty top and black skinnies. Meeting the parents for the first time so don't want to look like a slob.

LibidinousTurkey Sat 19-Dec-15 11:25:46

Jeans, Joules shirt and either North Face slippers (the famous "ugly" ones from the bargain thread!) or North Face boots.
I don't "do" floaty dresses or leggings fgrin

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