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Party food recommendations?

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Minibelle Fri 18-Dec-15 12:08:07

Hi I want to get some nice nibbles and picky food but where's best to get it from? I have m and s, sainsburys, asda, tesco etc nearby.

It's mainly for Christmas Eve with the leftovers used maybe Boxing Day.

snowypenguin Fri 18-Dec-15 12:22:57

I am trying tesco this year because they are saying everything cooks at the same temperature!

randomcatname Fri 18-Dec-15 12:25:50

Tesco that is GENIUS!

Minibelle Fri 18-Dec-15 13:08:55

I usually wack things in at the same temp
and hope for the best 🙈.

Anything in particular you can recommend?

OnlyHereForTheCamping Fri 18-Dec-15 13:38:35

Why aren't you making it yourself using only products from your allotment and foraging?

Minibelle Sat 19-Dec-15 01:47:14

My 5 month old twins have put paid to the foraging this year grin

OnlyHereForTheCamping Mon 21-Dec-15 08:27:18


CasualJersey Mon 21-Dec-15 13:40:07

Ha at foraging

Yes yes to Tesco
Everything cooks at 190
Genius indeed!

Minibelle Mon 21-Dec-15 15:51:36

But is it actually nice though? Or do they look delicious and taste of nothing remembers past experiences with party food 😝

Lovelydiscusfish Mon 21-Dec-15 18:20:54

I thought the stuff in the Morrisons Christmas food catalogue thing looked enticing. Haven't actually tried it though. Dh insists on cooking mainly from scratch, which irks me a bit, as I would love to try one of those ready-made desserts which look like they are made of gold.

LastLight Mon 21-Dec-15 20:51:37

The Sainsbury's bits are nice. Yakatori Chicken skewers are really good, their 90pp a bag sausage rolls are fine, Indian selection tasty. Its 3 boxes for a fiver on the smaller boxes.

fredandme123 Mon 21-Dec-15 21:03:14

I know it's not on your list so might not be one nearby bit had some Waitrose duck straws at the weekend and they were yummy, best duck spring roll I've had!
At Tesco they have mini hot dogs and burgers that I haven't tried yet but I imagine to be yum - love the Brie and Cranberry parcels (a lot) they have a Camembert to bake with a bread twist round it that is always a winner. I love party food can you tell!!

Impatientwino Mon 21-Dec-15 22:36:18

Tesco finest range has been nice this year - we've had two family celebrations already.

As someone else says they all cook at the same temperature which is handy and very similar cooking times (lots are identical)

The sesame chicken pyramids with peanut sauce are bloody yummy as are the Thai chicken skewers and the coconut prawns. Oh and the steak and ale pies are delicious too!

Good job I'm rather pregnant with the amount I've eaten grin

Avebury Tue 22-Dec-15 09:01:57

Tesco duck spring rolls are tasty - the mini pizzas not so good. They are edible but taste a bit of a jar of mixed herbs. The little chicken bites went down well with the children - and some of the grown ups.

BarbaraofSeville Tue 22-Dec-15 09:52:34

Don't use 'everything cooking at the same temperature' as a way of choosing what you serve. Within reason, you can do that with anything - I would look out for what looks nice in the most convenient shop and is good value for money.

If you have things that cook at 180 and some at 200, just put the 200 stuff on the top and the 180 stuff on the bottom.

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