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39weeks pregnant and think about Christmas dinner ideas.

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ilovehotsauce Thu 17-Dec-15 19:29:31

So I normally plan my Christmas menu in October and have a big family Christmas but I'm not cooking for 15+ on my due date so it will just be me dh and DD who's 2yo.

I've been holding off planning as it felt like i will be in labour/will dd2 be here/ will I be over due was still very up in the air. But I now need at least something that resembles a Christmas dinner! I'm making a cottage pie for the freezer for boxing day so that's sorted.

I've never done m&s/waitrose Christmas bits, I know its too late to order but would really like an idea of what they have in stock in terms of sides that look tasty. I think I will do a chicken and some veggie sausages (we don't eat pork) with pre bought sidesfblush.

blueturtle6 Thu 17-Dec-15 21:52:33

Lidl do a nice selection of posh freezer stuff, you can do a whole dinner with sides and if end up in labour, can save it in freezer for afterwards. Otherwise eat the cottage pie, I had cottage pie just as contractions where starting and within 6 hours baby arrived lol.

Chillywhippet Thu 17-Dec-15 22:20:08

Marks, waitrose, sainsburys will all have gravy, potatoes - roast, mash, sauté, swede and carrot mash, ready prepped sprouts and carrots, braised red cabbage, cauli cheese.

I'm not sure the roasties and sprouts will freeze but the other stuff will so you could get it all into your freezer and be prepared for anything!

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