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Stocking for 12 yr old boy

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fedup0f Wed 16-Dec-15 22:43:23

Need some ideas for stocking fillers for my very soon to be 12yr old son! Am a bit stumped this year!! He's football mad so have a few things but his stocking is looking a little less padded then his sisters.

Leeds2 Wed 16-Dec-15 22:46:52

A football magazine? Four4Two?

Lynx stuff.

Mug for favourite footie team.

Jakadaal Wed 16-Dec-15 22:50:05

I have got ds (12) a pair of earphones for iPod, novelty rubber, a fart whistle (recommend by mn), pens and pencils, chocolate sprouts, a whistling key ring, magic trick, a beanie hat ... That's all I can remember as they are all wrapped up

serin Wed 16-Dec-15 22:53:43

Sports direct do football keyrings, pens, pencil cases etc.

Reading light



USB stick

Rechargeable batteries.

That StarWars cereal with the light sabre spoon! grin £2.75 Tesco.

A boxed cupcake/brownie/bread making kit (for fun)

Antman DVD

fedup0f Wed 16-Dec-15 22:55:46

thanks!! loving these ideas - it's his birthday very soon too so my creative ideas have run out!

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