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Embarrassing Office Christmas Party Moments

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alwaystimeforcoffee Wed 16-Dec-15 14:27:00


Was just wondering what everyone's most embarrassing office Christmas party stories were? I've got mine coming up at the end of this week and could do with a chuckle! grin

Mylittlelights Wed 16-Dec-15 14:31:42

Place marking, love these kind of threads. grin

MrsHathaway Wed 16-Dec-15 14:33:01

I was working in a school and our party was after the last day of term.

I thought I had spent some time sitting quietly with my colleague Zoe putting the world to rights over a bottle of red wine.

Three weeks later I found out that actually I had spent some time sitting on Rob's lap with my colleague Zoe on Alex's lap putting the world to rights and discussing which of Rob and Alex was the more dishy and/or dateable over a bottle of port.

Dear God.

Pinkvici22 Wed 16-Dec-15 22:43:41

Oh so many drunken tales (that was pre-DD of course blush!

I'm pretty sure there was one year I got behind the bar to "help" serve my colleagues (we were in a public house...apparently frowned upon). Then there was the time I fell down the stairs announcing "thank god I'm wearing my agent provocateur knickers"...

Kuriusoranj Thu 17-Dec-15 00:24:23

More a post Christmas party, but I die a little whenever I think of it. At the actual Christmas party someone had dropped and broken a glass near the dance floor. While dancing I'd managed to dance near it and somehow make a large jagged cut on the top of my foot - it needed a couple of stitches.

Couple of days later, I'm in the regular-work-lunch-pub regaling my exploits to a group including a male friend who I knew fancied me, but we'd never discussed it directly as I was involved with someone else. He hadn't known about the stitches. I tend to get a bit expansive with my vocabulary when I'm holding court, so completely spontaneously when he expressed surprise at my injury I said "oh yeah, haven't I shown you my gash?" while lifting my leg up and out towards him.

The room went silent. I nearly died. I feel a little bit hot just thinking about it, 20 years later.

alwaystimeforcoffee Thu 17-Dec-15 08:49:24

Hahaha, Kuriusoranj that made me laugh out loud! Definitely one of those foot in mouth moments wink

I've got my office Christmas party coming up tomorrow- just hoping I don't embarrass myself like any of these!

MrsHathaway Thu 17-Dec-15 09:06:07

"Haven't I shown you my gash?"


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