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Is anyone feeling creative and would like to help me with these gifts conundrums?

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mckenzie Wed 16-Dec-15 12:46:53

Female Cousin in law, mid twenties, recently moved to the UK from South Africa, living with older female relative, creative, arty, not sporty, working full time, likes to travel. approx £20

Mother in law, late sixties, lives alone, quite trendy and with it, not sporty or very active, likes her home to look pretty and likes ornamental things, loved gardening, present required from grandchildren, approx £40

Godson, 18, at college, works part time,and earns good money, in with the wrong crowd and not living like I'd like him to be living, intelligent, good looking and takes pride in his appearance. Approx £20

Daughter, 11, very sporty, PITA, doesn't need/want anything which is a sign of how spoilt she is sad. Has asked other relatives for charity donations so there is some good in her. Not clothes as she has enough, starts secondary school next year, loves netball and Friends on TV. Creative and arty when she has something to do or someone to do it with but doesn't choose to do it, up to approx £50

Sister in law, late 40s, lives alone. Works full time, was sporty in her youth, loves music, approx £30

I could go on ......

Any ideas will be fantastically eagerly received with huge thanks and pleasure grin

traviata Wed 16-Dec-15 13:32:15

Godson - voucher. Topman?

Daughter - penny board, pogo stick, netball/basketball hoop, stilts, unicycle, ukulele;

MIL - something ornamental from TK Maxx eg picture frame ready filled with photos of DGC; bird box; bird feeder; sundial; birdbath.

SIL -what sort of music?

Cousin - bag, scarf, makeup, perfume

mckenzie Wed 16-Dec-15 14:22:40

Thank you Traviata
I've ordered a netball post and net smile so 1 box ticked.

I shall go with your idea for godson and perhaps get cousin a voucher to choose her own perfume as I think I would struggle to get her scent right.
MIL - we have done gardening and bird gifts to death. I will have a mooch around TK Maxx Though for inspiration.
SIL likes a very wide variety of music, live particularly. Light rock, pop etc.

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