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What food will be on your table on Christmas day?

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Squishyeyeballs Wed 16-Dec-15 08:51:25

I like a good spread of side dishes! We'll be having
-some incarnation of sprouts
-roast squash
-maybe mashed carrot and parsnip
-stuffing (thinking of doing a stuffing loaf this year)

Might add another dish if I get some inspiration! I love a big table filled with food that can be picked away at all evening fgrin

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 16-Dec-15 08:52:18


ivykaty44 Wed 16-Dec-15 09:05:14

Roast lamb with garlic and rosemary
Roast potato
Pigs in blankets
Bro, cauliflower, peas, carrots and cabbage
Red wine gravy made from lamb juices and cabbage water
Followed by a pudding I made in a local Victorian kitchen to an old recipe with clotted cream or custard - or both

Later mince pies

gamerchick Wed 16-Dec-15 09:07:17

A variety of currys and starters ordered from the curry house on Christmas Eve. No cooking Christmas Day.

Turquoisetamborine Wed 16-Dec-15 09:56:17

My mam does all the main course cooking, we do the starter. The sweet is bought from a local baker (treacle tart, no one likes Christmas pudding).

For starter we are doing griddled scallops with pea purée and crispy pancetta.
Main course will be roast turkey, a rib of beef, pigs in blankets, homemade stuffing, colcannon, roast potatoes, mixed roast veg like parsnips, carrots, baby turnips etc, possibly cauliflower cheese (don't know why we need this today but she goes crazy and it goes well with the roast ham on Boxing Day), peas, roast butternut squash and homemade gravy. Oh and Yorkshire puds.

Turquoisetamborine Wed 16-Dec-15 09:57:16

Definitely no sprouts!! Yours sounds loved you the way.

macnab Wed 16-Dec-15 10:12:20

Roast potatoes
Creamed potatoes
Gratin potatoes
Carrots roasted
Parsnips roasted
Carrot & parsnip crushed together
Marrowfat peas
Cranberry sauce
and approximately 4 litres of gravy grin

Then we'll have trifle, lemon meringue roulade and crunchie & toblerone cheesecake

Can't wait!

macnab Wed 16-Dec-15 10:13:19

Oh god I forgot the STUFFING! There'd be murder if I did that on the day!!

Seeyounearertime Wed 16-Dec-15 10:16:21

Turkey steaks
Cranberry stuffing balls
Yorkie Pud
Bread sauce
Cranberry sauce

Poundland Crackers! Loads of them. grin

Perfectlypurple Wed 16-Dec-15 10:25:06

Buffet food for us. Dh is working Christmas afternoon so won't want a it meal. I was meant to be working but am now off do me and 18 year old dsd are having buffet food and a chilled out afternoon.

SquadGoals Wed 16-Dec-15 10:38:58

It's looking like:
Roast potatoes
3-4 types of salad

Dessert will be:
Gluten free brownies
Possibly white choc & raspberry cheesecake

Cheese and crackers.

Madmog Wed 16-Dec-15 10:45:12

Turkey, salmon or white fish fillet for me
Roast Potatoes
Sprouts (me and DD love them!)
Roast parsnips (?)
Pigs in blankets
Bread sauce & cranberry sauce (Mum brings as she likes)

Xmas pudd & brandy sauce

Bottle of wine!

Changedtoday Wed 16-Dec-15 11:06:40

Ours is a mix-up of cultural traditions:

No starter

Roast parsnips and carrots
Red cabbage
Sprouts (cos we mostly like them)
Broccoli for the sprout hater
Roast potatoes
Cranberry sauce

Panna cotta with berries for dessert, or maybe Baileys Mousse with cherries.

olbas Wed 16-Dec-15 11:17:31

Starter (eaten at lunch time)

Coconut prawns with some sort of dip
Salady bits.

Dinner (eaten a few hours later)

Roast turkey
chestnut stuffing
pork,sage and onion stuffing
Roast potatoes
Parmesan parsnips
kilted sausages
Sprouts with bacon and hazelnuts
Carrots with tarragon
red cabbage
Gravy, bread sauce and cranberry sauce

They help themselves to the bits they like.

Pudding ( whenever they want it)

Christmas pudding with custard/cream/brandy sauce

Chocolate raspberry trifle

Mince pies
Cheese and biscuits

They can choose whatever.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 16-Dec-15 11:20:05

Turducken fgrin

We will have:
Linda Mc Festive Bake
Quorn Roast
little tiny sausages (but no bacon on them)
roast potatoes
Yorkshire Puddings
roast parsnips
turnip (cooked and blitzed in the food pro)
sprouts (eveyone is compelled to eat at least one fwink )
stuffing ( with sausagemeat and without)
red cabbage
gravy (vegetarian)

Christmas Pudding (I made so they have to eat it) with ice-cream (or evaporated milk for DDad)
any random leftovers from Christmas Eve like apple pie and cheesecake

No cranberry -no-one eats it
No bread sauce- no-one eats it

Musidora Wed 16-Dec-15 13:31:44

vegetarian alternative - I'll have to wait to see what my mum gets!
(vegetarian) stuffing
pigs in blankets
yorkshire puddings
roast potatoes
honey roasted carrots and parsnips
sprouts with chestnuts (my favourite bit!)
(vegetarian) gravy
bread sauce
cranberry sauce

christmas pudding or trifle (again will have to wait and see...)

champagne and then lots of red wine wine

AngelOnTop Wed 16-Dec-15 17:55:59

Mmmm I'm hungry just reading the thread grin

Old fashioned prawn cocktail for starts (my Mum requested it)

We've finally admitted to each other in my family that nobody likes turkey.
So, I'm doing roast chicken and Nigella's ham in coke with a mustard-treacle glaze +
Piggies in blankets
Roast potatoes
Colcannon (family tradition)
Roast maple syrup parsnips
Carrot & swede mash
Braised red cabbage
Steamed cauliflower, carrots, brussels (we love 'em), green beans (for DS, who hates most veg) and peas
Three types of stuffing <greedy> - sage & onion, chestnut and sausagemeat, American cornbread
Yorkshire puds (for the kids...sorry, purists grin)

Christmas pudding & extra thick double cream for the adults
Ice cream 'factory' - with big choice of sprinkles, sauces and wafers - for the DC

A cheeseboard for later.

Can't wait grin

snowypenguin Wed 16-Dec-15 19:47:45

Salmon or lobster to start. Not sure which yet

Sweet potato

Some dessert to be decided when in marks next week.

Cheese board.

WiryElevator Wed 16-Dec-15 19:55:09

Tiny Lobster rolls
Smoked salmon nibbly bits

Pigs in blankets
Stuffing balls
Roast potatoes
Roast parsnips
Gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce

Christmas pudding, or mince pies with cream or brandy butter

Much later/Boxing Day

Crackers, bread
Salads, coleslaws, crudites, dips
Quality Street, other chocs, mince pies, Christmas cake

ChristmasZombie Wed 16-Dec-15 20:26:51

We don't eat breakfast at the table, so I'll lay out some picky bits for during the morning:

Mince pies
Naice crisps
Aldi Kir Royal cocktail thingy

Lunch will be:
Gammon joint
Linda McCartney red onion sausages (in leu of stuffing)
Roast potatoes

Diet coke, shloer, maybe some wine

Christmas pudding
Mince pies
Christmas cake
These will remain on the table to be picked at during the day.
I'll add in some bread rolls, crisps, sausage rolls etc towards the evening.

HeyMicky Wed 16-Dec-15 20:33:12

Dauphinois potatoes
Sprouts and chestnuts
Glazed carrots
Green beans
Braised red cabbage
Pigs in blankets
Port gravy
Bread sauce

Steamed marmalade pudding
Chocolate roulade


CakeNinja Wed 16-Dec-15 20:34:38

Only 6 of us this year, normally 16-18 sat round our table so not quite as extravagant feast as normal as 3 are the dc and only the eldest has a decent appetite, the other 2 will eat small children's amounts.

We are having fillet of beef and beef short ribs, cauli cheese, pancetta sprouts, pigs in blankets, Parmesan parsnips, cabbage, carrots, Yorkshire puds and gravy.
We are a family of turkey haters!

iklboo Wed 16-Dec-15 20:37:35

Bugger all - we're going out for a curry.

SecretLocation Wed 16-Dec-15 20:40:14

envy gamerchick, wish I was coming to yours for Christmas Day!

We are having:
Quorn roast for me and DS
Roast potatoes
Cauliflower cheese
Roast parsnips
Brussel sprouts
Runner beans (from our garden we froze them in summer especially)
Yorkshire puds

Then to follow:
Christmas pud with cream

I know that is dessert overkill but they are being contributed by various family members who would be offended if I said not to bring them!

nemno Wed 16-Dec-15 20:41:07

Salmony starter

Red cabbage
Green beans
Roast potatoes
Roast parsnips
Cranberry sauce

Christmas pud
Mince pies
Brandy butter

I'll do the full turkey meal another day, probably 27th.

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