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Charitable giving

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susurration Tue 15-Dec-15 15:54:02

It was something we were taught to do at Primary school, with particular emphasis on people in worse living conditions than us. It really feels like an important part of christmas because it just feels like a reminder that christmas isn't all about presents and consumerism.

Does anyone else do this at Christmas? Either volunteering or donations?

jamtartandcustard Tue 15-Dec-15 16:03:39

I had a big rant on Facebook earlier about how we are being expected to hand over £10-odd to a large billion-pound-profit company so my son can go to school and donate £1 to a charity on Friday. So I've sewn some tinsel onto an existing jumper and will donate the £10 directly to a charity of my choice instead.
Shoeboxes are also a great idea for giving, and also putting some festive treats into foodbank collections. just a small selection box or something like that. Doesn't cost a lot but will real make a child happy

susurration Tue 15-Dec-15 16:16:23

Yes, that is exactly how I feel about the bloody christmas jumper days. My work wanted us to do the same. Absolutely takes the piss to be honest. I'd rather donate to the charity than pay for the jumpers I hate anyway!

snowypenguin Tue 15-Dec-15 22:15:08

We are going to our local food bank collection on Thursday. They are also collecting items for a couple of new families to our town (small town) who have been housed here with virtually nothing. Taking DS who is 7 as I think it is important for him to see.

I have raided my present cupboard for age appropriate kids stuff for the families and have cleared out my food cupboard. Going to get a few bits as extras from tesco too. Will get some nice treats for the mums as well.

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