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I've bought for everyone but they're asking me for a list of what I'd like. I can't think of ANYTHING

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gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:47:47

Mum, sis and Dh don't like to buy vouchers as a gift.

I read a lot but prefer ebooks.

I listen to lots of music but prefer downloading.

I recently gave away 6 bin liners full of clothes and I still have too many.

I have loads of shoes and handbags.

I have all the hair and make up stuff I could possibly want.

I'm really stumped but I know I'll feel fed up on the day if I don't get anything! Please help

gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:48:23

Also: November birthday so I have plenty of perfume and jewellery.

StealthPolarBear Mon 14-Dec-15 19:49:03

magazine subscription
posh shampoo (I know, but it will get ised)

I have the same problem and these are on my list smile

Madbengalmum Mon 14-Dec-15 19:49:30


Madbengalmum Mon 14-Dec-15 19:50:03

Beauty treatment vouchers?

gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:50:06

I'm not a candle gal but the mag subscription is a good idea thanks!

gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:50:47

See, I'd love a voucher for my nail tech. I go monthly so it's something i would def use. They're all funny about bloody vouchers tho

Madbengalmum Mon 14-Dec-15 19:51:42

Normally salons do gift vouchers though?

SleepyForest Mon 14-Dec-15 19:52:06

Theatre vouchers?

StealthPolarBear Mon 14-Dec-15 19:52:34

Get into candles. It has saved my bacon on many a birthday smile

Madbengalmum Mon 14-Dec-15 19:53:56

Restaurant or short break vouchers?

gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:55:48

Honestly none of them will buy vouchers.

gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:56:36

I've added a uv lamp and various gelish polishes to my Amazon wish list. Watch one of them but me the polish and not the lamp grin

PerspicaciaTick Mon 14-Dec-15 19:58:07

A Spicery subscription is an awesome present - having been on the receiving end of a couple.

Ragwort Mon 14-Dec-15 19:58:12

Why are people so stubborn confused - they want to buy you a gift but don't want to buy something you would actually like or use - a voucher.

Ask for something from M & S, with the receipt, take it back and use the money to get something you want.

Or suggest no gifts for adults next year.

cece Mon 14-Dec-15 19:59:18

But if you want vouchers then surely that's what they should buy you!

gBean Mon 14-Dec-15 19:59:36

I think they just like to have a "physical" gift iykwim

StealthPolarBear Mon 14-Dec-15 20:07:34

Board game? Rubix cube?

TheWrathofNaan Mon 14-Dec-15 20:08:44

A gift basket of planted hyacinths? Or mini daffodils?

evenoldergregg Mon 14-Dec-15 20:43:01

drawing pencils and sketch pad,
notepads and pens?
Wireless headphones,
Bundle of DVD movies?

Wenchelda Mon 14-Dec-15 22:49:24

Slippers? Nice pyjamas?

CremeBrulee Tue 15-Dec-15 17:09:52

Tickets to a show or a cinema subscription card?
(Not technically a voucher)

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