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Help, any suggestions for good packable presents?

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PippaH74 Mon 14-Dec-15 19:39:02

I had all my Christmas shopping done and dusted and then my sis-in-law has asked that we give her twins (boy and girl aged 7) something that can be easily packed and taken away over Christmas as they're off to S.Africa on a last minute trip mid next week.

We've had a tricky relationship over the past few years and have got things on track over the past few months which makes life happier and easier all round, so want to get them good pressies, but not found anything that's appealing. What I did have is not packable and I can hold onto for their birthdays in Feb.

Thank you!

clarab3 Mon 14-Dec-15 19:58:42

I got an offer from Pipity on my facebook page a few days ago... they do little oilcloth activity cases that are ideal for travelling, taking out to cafes, restaurants etc, which then pack up into a little bag that the kids can carry themselves. I ordered a pink one for my 8 year old daughter and it arrived today, it's gorgeous, so well made and all the things in it are amazingly good quality (proper scissors that cost a few quid in WH smith, flexible ruler... not cheap rubbish). Anyway, I'm really really pleased with it and know that my daughter is going to love it. I also got her the paper doll book, which looks fab and again, am sure she'll love. They also do pirate puppet show books and a games on that would be good for boys. Great pressie for people travelling, really pleased with it and recommend it. The website is: and the discount code: XMAS15 (it gives you 10 or 15% off I think), oh, and it was free p&p which was a bonus. Hope this helps!

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