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John Lewis Oxford Street - you can go to the top floor and look at the night sky while drinking hot chocolate.............but I can't find anything on the website!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 13-Dec-15 21:01:36

DH and I were in JL last week (it has many many floors and escalators) there were signs up (I'm guessing linking in with The Man on the Moon)

It would be lovely for maybe older DC who can be out later (but not my DS who doesn't like going to London)

My DD would love it though.Hot chocolate, wrapped up, high up in London (if it's not pi**ing down [hmm[ )

Anyone been?
How do you book (or do you just turn up and hope?)

What does it cost?


Ooh and when we were walking along there was snow.............but it was fake snow. It was nice though fgrin

BlackHillsofDakota Sun 13-Dec-15 21:17:53

The roof terrace is themed at different times of the year. We went when it was the penguin Christmas advert and it was snowy with fur rugs and hot chocolate. In the summer it's all grass and huge cushions to sit on.
You don't boo, it's usually open 10-4 ish but if you're looking at the moon I presume it's staying open late! I don't know that it's open everyday so might be worth a call to check. It's free to get in and there is a little cafe selling hot drinks, I don't remember it being silly prices, maybe £4 ish for a hot chocolate.

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