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Secret Santa and work team presents help please!

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parrotonmyshoulder Sun 13-Dec-15 07:41:30

Left till the last minute as usual, but I do prefer to concentrate on my children and family! However, my team (4 women, 1 man) all need gifts and there is a £10 Secret Santa.

They're a bit picky. One doesn't eat chocolate, one doesn't drink, one only drinks vodka. They make this clear and obvious frequently, so that I know (they're actually nice - just vociferous). I think they believe I'm loaded and therefore will think I'm stingy. I've also heard them slagging off team leaders who don't buy presents!

My Secret Santa is a 40 year old woman. No chocolate. I have no idea!

And then they all need a 'thank you' gift for the term. In the summer I did give booze (and tea and a cup and saucer!).

And I need to buy these today really...

Niknak1980 Sun 13-Dec-15 07:51:23

Bouquets of flowers? Winter/Christmas colours maybe so they're festive? It's so difficult! No idea for the man!!!

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 13-Dec-15 08:11:49

I think some of them are going away so flowers are a bit of a problem. Thanks though. I feel I'm going to be thoroughly judged on how good these gifts are!

Niknak1980 Sun 13-Dec-15 08:37:37

That pressure makes it so much more tricky, to be honest I think any gesture is really kind and should be appreciated. Nothing wrong with going for a browse in boots and getting some things from there if you get stuck, good luck xxx

Niknak1980 Sun 13-Dec-15 08:38:31

Or lush bath bombs are always nice!

ChristmasEvePJs Sun 13-Dec-15 08:48:51

Their expectations are off putting tbh.
What's your budget?

traviata Sun 13-Dec-15 08:52:24

so are you doing a Secret Santa and a thanks-for-the-term gift? So 5 in all?

Where can you get to today? TK Maxx will offer you gloves, scarves, perfume, beauty items, belts, bags (perhaps not for £10), slipper socks, ornaments, candles, and other kinds of sweets that are not chocolate. Otherwise just a bottle of something, be it wine, Bailey's, or olive oil? No problem IMO in booze twice running (provided she is one of the ones who drink).

Team gifts - what's your budget?: usb sticks; book lights;books; book tokens; bulbs in pots; card game;

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 13-Dec-15 08:52:27

Budget probably only about £5 each- I spent £10 in the summer but Christmas is expensive for everyone! I think they'd moan (to other people) about smellies'

OSETmum Sun 13-Dec-15 08:56:20

We all get nice Christmassy candles at Christmas, but then we seem a bit more appreciative...

WeAllHaveWings Sun 13-Dec-15 08:59:35

Bottle of bucks fizz. The ones that don't drink can like or lump it, or regift it.

I got Buck's Fizz or red wine from one of my bosses for years, don't drink either but it was the thought that really counted. I now get a bottles of whisky from current employer. Who complains about a gift? Do they get you something? (we always get our boss something too)

happystory Sun 13-Dec-15 09:03:38

Candles for the gifts everyone can use those at Christmas. Last week M&S were doing 3 for 2 which makes it cheaper. For the individual gift what about one of those insulated mugs?

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 13-Dec-15 09:04:33

Thanks for your ideas. Maybe I'm imagining the pressure - it's a hard time of year at work!

Secret Santa - I've decided on a 'mindfulness' colouring book and pencils, themed to one of her pets that she's always talking about!

What about a nice Christmas decoration for the team presents? If they don't like it, they can hide it/ lose it/ break it. Does that look mean/ weird though?

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 13-Dec-15 09:05:18

Nice insulated mugs could be good actually - we have to use those and ours are all stained and ancient.

parrotonmyshoulder Sun 13-Dec-15 09:06:37

Which high street shops sell those?

happystory Sun 13-Dec-15 09:13:47

Have seen some in Debenhams and Clinton cards have funny ones

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sun 13-Dec-15 09:19:34

Thats a good idea, i need to do the same so will get theae as well - tjank you..

Chocolateteabag Sun 13-Dec-15 09:43:56

I second TK Maxx for most stuff but also M&S or Boots 3 for 2 - they both "should" have insulated mugs

oh - or Wilkos? ta da for £5

Chocolateteabag Sun 13-Dec-15 09:45:59

I like the idea of nice decorations - but possibly a bit too "personal"?

parrotonmyshoulder Mon 14-Dec-15 20:23:43

Couldn't find any mugs. Got a little family game for each of them. But now regret it. They've been slagging off other people's present buying today. They were given a box of mince pies by a superior as a thank you and didn't stop moaning all day about how crap it was.

I guess I'll have to add something else! Maybe a bottle of Bucks Fizz or Prosecco. But the non-drinker will really moan about that (to other people, but loudly).

Geepee71 Mon 14-Dec-15 20:51:48

Was going to suggest M&s home store have mugs with initials on, about £6 each and very nice. I'm giving these with a bag of chocolate sprouts to people.

SingaporeSlinky Mon 14-Dec-15 21:07:14

If you're their boss, I think you need to have a quiet word with them all and say it's a bit inappropriate to be loudly slagging off gifts they've received from other colleagues. Mince pies might be easy and cheap but it's better than nothing. They sound very ungrateful and shouldn't be hinting for specific presents. It sounds like unless you're willing to spend £20 or more on each one, nothing will be good enough so stick with what you've got.

parrotonmyshoulder Mon 14-Dec-15 21:20:50

You're right. I did comment on the slagging off about mince pies today.

Last thing I need to be worrying about really!

ConceptOfBiscuits Mon 14-Dec-15 21:21:45

Give the annoying fuckers a lump of coal.

parrotonmyshoulder Mon 14-Dec-15 21:40:52

Can't afford coal!

SingaporeSlinky Mon 14-Dec-15 23:49:51

Really, stick with what you've bought already. A gift is a gift, you can't win them all, and your actual family and friends are more important. Don't waste any more time worrying about it.

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