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None traditional meal

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didireallysaythat Sat 12-Dec-15 23:07:27

We will be away for Xmas day and probably having turkey, veg and pudding which we all hate. So I'm thinking of having a make up for it meal when we get back. So far it's crisps and chocolate. Is this wrong ? I don't mind towing the line for the in laws but I'd occasionally like to do things my way..

MTWTFSS Sun 13-Dec-15 11:29:49

I'd start off with Nachos with cheese and mini hot dogs.

Main course of what ever you like best (I'd personally pick sweet and sour chicken)

BIG PLATTER OF DESSERTS grin grin grin grin grin grin

didireallysaythat Sun 13-Dec-15 12:34:32

We had sausages and oven chips for Xmas lunch once when we didn't have to do family. And one year I did a platter of ham, chocolates and crisps.

DS2 has asked for a picnic (by which he means ham, crisps, humous and bread sticks). He's my child ! smile

Cressandra Sun 13-Dec-15 15:52:47

The whole point of doing your own version is you get to break the rules! Have what you like.

didireallysaythat Sun 13-Dec-15 16:41:20

You're right "Cressandra* - not really sure why I posted. I think I had been drawn in by all the posts, dating back to the summer, with people planning their cinnamon buns, prosecco, scrambled eggs and then the Turkey with 20 veg.

I think we'll have a freezer xmas lunch - one of those wonderful meals where everyone has something different but something they like. I want mushrooms on toast !

Cressandra Sun 13-Dec-15 16:54:29

it's as good a topic as any though.

We do love a roast dinner so ours is beef or lamb, but if we were doing something more different I'd fancy a nice lasagne and garlic bread (prepped ages ago and frozen) or takeaway.

laundryeverywhere Sun 13-Dec-15 17:19:06

Are the in-laws coming to you on that day? If so I would probably try to accommodate them by making sure there was something they liked, but it doesn't have to be a Turkey dinner. Having some mince pies or individual Xmas puds will make it seem more traditional for them or a Yule log if they like that better.

didireallysaythat Sun 13-Dec-15 21:06:20

No I'm not expecting the in laws but maybe an aunt and uncle. I'm thinking they may prefer spaghetti bol rather than fish fingers....

annandale Sun 13-Dec-15 21:09:39

DS would like pizza. However, he'd like that for every meal without exception, so I am cruelly forcing him to have something more traditional. Everyone having what they like sounds nice.

whois Sun 13-Dec-15 21:19:48

I would do a big veggie Indian feast for me and DP if we were to have Xmas dinner at home alone.

didireallysaythat Sun 13-Dec-15 21:59:42

Oh a big potato and chickpea curry would be fab ! I might do this ! I'm all for traditional but you actually hate turkey, parsnips, sprouts etc I just don't see the point in forcing it !

ladybird69 Sun 13-Dec-15 22:12:52

I'm having an Indian curry (begum bahar) on Christmas Day leftovers for Boxing Day :-)
newly divorced and now don't have to produce a 7 course turkey dinner on Christmas Day and full buffet on Boxing Day !!!
quick curry and box set on Tv that's the life :-) bliss

susurration Sun 13-Dec-15 22:37:47

If it's just the two of us at Christmas we like to eat whatever we want. One year we recreated the food we had on honeymoon and had bread with oils and balsamic vinegar, stonebaked pizza and tiramisu. Another year we had a buffet style lunch of party food. This year we are having our first christmas roast dinner, but duck instead of turkey and only the veg and trimmings we like.

Aunt and Uncle always have fish and chips on Christmas day, there's a chippy open locally to them and they take advantage of that to not bother cooking!

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