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anybody else just cannot get Christmassy

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HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 11-Dec-15 21:14:31

I am usually so Christmassy but I am just not feeling it at all this year and am just going through the motions.

Loads of stress in life which I am sure is contributing to it. Not sure what I can do to buck myself up, feel sorry for DD. Just basically want to shut off and cry.

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 11-Dec-15 21:18:15

No, My father died last week and we are still waiting for his body to be flown home as he was on holiday. I need to get organised and buy my children's presents this weekend

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 11-Dec-15 21:31:08

I am so sorry five, how awful for you all.

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Fri 11-Dec-15 21:33:34

flowers five, who can blame you for not feeling festive.

Holly, DH said this tonight, I think its because we have done lots of buying in advance. HOwever our tree is going up tomorrow. I think once thats up and he has time off work, it will start to feel more like it...I hope!

I also think weather being so mild doesn/t help..

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 11-Dec-15 21:45:41

Im so sorry Five sad

Im also going through the motions, despite a lovely dh and dd I feel very bleak.

BoringlyRestrictive Sat 12-Dec-15 13:46:26

Five, hope your coping ok thanks

Not really feeling it either. Trying my hardest for dd (3.5 and first year she has been properly excited about it). Am living with my husband who doesn't know I am organising and planning our divorce. It's a horrible atmosphere here. It's painstakingly obvious that something has shifted and we are barely talking. It's all very passive aggressive sad

I think if the weather changed it would help people feel Christmassy. But less flooding and gale force winds, bit more frost and crisp cool air.

Am looking forward to the actual day though as I am hosting and I enjoy hosting. Just my mum, bro, sis and my kids (and H) but it's nice and cosy and fun!

jeanmiguelfangio Sat 12-Dec-15 14:00:14

So sorry Five flowers and some wine for you Boring

I'm not feeling it. I've just got a new job, dh is working Christmas day too. Our 2 year old gets it, and im trying my hardest, but I think I am forcing it and that doesn't help. Both of us said if it wasnt for dd we wouldnt bother, and that makes me sad!!

WomanScorned Sat 12-Dec-15 15:53:35

I'm struggling, here, too.
I haven't even fetched a tree, because there's no space until I tidy up.
I've no motivation, as I haven't eaten more than a slice of pizza and a piece of toast in almost 2 weeks.
I've a funeral to deal with Xmas week, and a flat to clear before then. Deciding who might want what, which charity might benefit from certain stuff, heading off the vultures etc.
DS's dad is being a dick (nothing new, there).
I'm thinking, 'what's the point', as there'll only be me and DS here, anyway, until the afternoon, when his dad takes him. Then it'll be just me.
I know what the point is, really - DS.
Losing someone at this time of year is just so shit, isn't it?
Luckily, DS hasn't asked for anything specific, so I think I'll dig out what I've stashed over the year and start wrapping. I usually enjoy that, with a glass or two of wine and Elvis' Christmas CD on :')
Sorry to hear of others' troubles. It just seems worse that this crap happens alongside Xmas, doesn't it? Like some sort of malicious piss take?!?

vodkaandregret Sat 12-Dec-15 16:05:46

I'm feeling exactly the same, usually very Christmassy but this year not at all. We have just put the Christmas tree up and I should be feeling cosy and happy at this point but in fact I just feel like crying. Completely going through the motions and hating myself for it cos everyone wants me to be full of the joys and I just can't be.

HemanOrSheRa Sat 12-Dec-15 16:14:43

I can't get into the Christmas spirit either. It was the anniversary of my Mums death this week. Usually I get past this point and I'm OK. But my dear, darling, best Dad in the world was diagnosed with terminal cancer this week. It's not looking good sad. DS keeps going on about the tree etc. I'm struggling.

Five I feel for you, I really do flowers.

WomanScorned Sat 12-Dec-15 16:24:36

Why do do many bad things happen at this time of year?
Or maybe it just feels that way?
Anyway, I've just written some cards to nieces and nephews; I'm sure they'll be happy enough with cash inside. Their parents can just lump it! :/ X

HemanOrSheRa Sat 12-Dec-15 17:14:32

Pffft. I don't know WomanScorned. I was thinking about this earlier. I think that EVERYONE else seems to be happy and those of us who are struggling feel detached, left out of it and really don't want to be because we don't want what is happening to be happening. That probably doesn't make sense confused.

Here are some flowers for you too Woman.

BoringlyRestrictive Sat 12-Dec-15 21:19:14

I think that this year it has all been a bit more of a struggle.
Money was tighter then normal. I was bargain hunting a lot for gifts and it kind of stripped the magic out of it a bit.
I enjoy giving and cooking and hosting and yet I'm worrying about the cost of dinner and everything.

You all have it much worse though. So many sad stories of deaths and bad news!

Herman thanks

HemanOrSheRa Sat 12-Dec-15 23:46:59

I absolutely agree with you Restrictive. This year has been a tough one in all the ways you've posted about. It's hard. Life throws some awful things at us sad.

notenoughbottle Sun 13-Dec-15 07:10:37

I'm trying to be upbeat and get in the spirit too but my dad was told he has the C yesterday, he's 53. I'm also waiting to see breast clinic as I have a right one full of lumps. Why at Christmas? My thoughts are with the rest of you who are going to be struggling with all your difficult situations over the next few weeks. Life seems to be very unfair at the moment. Any tips on how to keep things happy for three children will be welcome!

AshamedAndDistraught Sun 13-Dec-15 07:30:51

I can't. To much bag stuff going on. Possibly having a custodial sentence is a court finds my guilty. Have lost home. Ben referred to mental health as I want to take my life to escape the mess. Can't bear thought of leaving my babies behind but I'm no sort of mother

So yeah Christmas is the last thing I can think about.I think it will be my last one way or another (prison / death)

LaurieFairyCake Sun 13-Dec-15 07:48:45

Not right now.

I've got a cold and feel completely wiped out and my cat is dying of cancer sad

I can't think of anything at all apart from getting up and going to work

HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 13-Dec-15 08:05:43

Some really sad stories on here, sorry I didn't mean to bring us all down further. Positive thoughts to you all x

notenoughbottle Sun 13-Dec-15 08:33:37

Ashamed - Do you have any support? You sound as low as is possible. Maybe speaking to someone like the Samaritans would be useful?

Everytimeref Sun 13-Dec-15 08:43:17

I have been going through the motions at christmas for several years. Can't really pin point the reason just dont that Christmas joy any more.

HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 13-Dec-15 09:27:07

My aunt told me last night is was my age - please don't tell me I've love that Christmas feeling forever!

Polkadot1974 Sun 13-Dec-15 10:49:54

I'm not feeling it either and am overwhelmed by lack of organisation. Early enthusiasm has left me with only half the stuff I need and I'm feeling low. Reading this post makes me realise lots of people are dealing with a lot at a time when the pressure is thre to be happy and tinsel strewn when many don't feel this way
Hugs to those who need them
Ashamed- please phone someone for help. X

NoahVale Sun 13-Dec-15 10:52:44

I am skint, well i have a little, but then nothign til pay day, 23rd December, and I am due to be at work that day sad
so christmas eve will be manic for me

NoahVale Sun 13-Dec-15 10:54:01

It will be ok Ashamed, things have a way of working themselves out. thanks

NoahVale Sun 13-Dec-15 10:56:52

It is just a day.
Remember, peace and goodwill, Dont lose sight of that <<easier said than done I know>>

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