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Gifts for 12 year old son

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Itjusthappened Fri 11-Dec-15 21:01:15

What in earth do I get him?! He's asked for an iPhone 6! He can whistle for that as he isn't responsible enough to look after such an expensive 'toy'. He only wants it to play games on! shock
He has all the usual things-kindle PS3, wii, bike etc. we've got him a telescope(hadn't asked for this but hoping he will like it), some books that he's asked for, clothes, a few games for PS3. Problem is, his much younger siblings have got much more in comparison. The things they like are cheap and cheerful and come in much bigger boxes!
Im going shopping tomorrow and want to spend another £50-100 on him. Any suggestions would be great! He's not really sporty or has a particular hobby. Quite a shy lad

myotherusernameisbetter Fri 11-Dec-15 23:51:24

Does he have a phone already that he wants to upgrade to an iphone?

If he does, might this smart watch that you link to your phone be of interest?!3391!3!75234140419!!!g!110895785540!&ef_id=VGZPoAAABWl1lXFl:20151211234512:s

Or a decent scooter - not stunt:

Maybe a tent and some gear for camping out the garden etc with a friend or two?

LibidinousTurkey Sat 12-Dec-15 07:39:06

DS is having a GoPro (or at least a well reviewed lookalike)
He will use it on his RC car (another idea for you, his is an OTT extravaganza of a gift from his GP's) at scout camps when he's scaling walls etc and on holiday when we go riding, canoeing etc. I also want to attach it to one of the dogs when we take them out working as well fgrin

Itjusthappened Sat 12-Dec-15 07:53:49

Oo the watch is a great idea! But he doesn't have a phone already. Is that essential? Im a bit rubbish with stuff like this!

Itjusthappened Sat 12-Dec-15 07:54:51

Is a go pro a camera? Not sure what he's stick it to? His baby brother perhaps?! wink

Humptythenumpty Sat 12-Dec-15 08:05:25

We've got:
a go pro
virtual reality headset ( only about 15 pounds)
Other ideas might be selfie stick, iPhone projector, dart board, glide ball,
My ds also hasuch younger siblings who have a larger pile of cheaper stuff. I think at12 they are old enough to understand that it's actually equal .

Humptythenumpty Sat 12-Dec-15 08:05:46

Much younger siblings even

myotherusernameisbetter Sat 12-Dec-15 08:21:13

Yes, he'd need a smart phone fir the smart watch but you could get him a watch instead?

Somewhere like maplins might give you some ideas if he is into gadget type stuff. My teen boys are into gaming and computers so have things like gaming keyboards and mice and headsets etc.

Or what about a guitar or other instrument.

Washediris Sat 12-Dec-15 08:37:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Sat 12-Dec-15 10:46:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JemimaMuddledUp Sat 12-Dec-15 12:05:27

If he hasn't got a phone already, what about a cheaper smart phone? You can still get apps on them.

Itjusthappened Sat 12-Dec-15 13:07:18

Tell me more about the raspberry pi thing... Does he connect it to his laptop??

PolterGoose Sat 12-Dec-15 13:10:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mylittlelights Sat 12-Dec-15 13:16:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChristmasEvePJs Sat 12-Dec-15 13:21:12

Ipod touch, smart phone, Scalextric set, cool trainers, tablet, bike?

Jw35 Sat 12-Dec-15 16:53:16

This is what I've got my 12 year old dd:

Build a bear stuff (ignore this)
MP4 player (£10 on Amazon)!
Mini fridge for her room (Argos-£40)
American baseball coat (eBay brand new £10)
Diary of a wimpy kid books (from the works-£7 for set of 5)
Jenga extreme (the entertainer-£15)
Some beamy boos-ignore
Adult colouring book (the works-£3)

I'm still looking for a few bits so will watch this thread!

SueDunome Sat 12-Dec-15 17:20:01

Some other kind of cheaper smartphone?

myotherusernameisbetter Sat 12-Dec-15 17:52:30

You could get him a reasonable smart phone on a contract at around £10 a month which is sort of your budget for a year (it would be a 2 year contract though) and he'd then have the phone and minutes/texts and data (which I would cap!)

I'd look at Tesco Mobile or Carphone Warehouse for deals - don't get a windows phone. A sony/samsung or Motorola would be good.

Itjusthappened Sat 12-Dec-15 21:50:05

You're all wonderful! Thanks so much. All great ideas. Will be popping into napkin in Monday to ask about the raspberry pi. Think I'll grab a mini fridge too! He'd love that! I'm likely to have to get a bloody mobile phone too! Kids are expensive little hobbies aren't they!!

Itjusthappened Sat 12-Dec-15 21:50:32

napkin?! Maplin!

dementedma Sun 13-Dec-15 10:11:48

A drone? Ds is 13 and he and his friends fly the mini-drones in races and do tricks with them.
A lava lamp or glowing PacMan lamp for his room?
IPod touch - Ds uses his constantly!
Headphones or cool joystick if he is into gaming?
Cinema vouchers and big bag of popcorn?

Washediris Sun 13-Dec-15 10:45:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Itjusthappened Mon 14-Dec-15 14:19:58

So I went to maplin this morning and bought the pi starter kit. Got everything in it to get him going... Fingers crossed he likes it. Thanks for the great ideas ladies!

Badders123 Mon 14-Dec-15 14:26:49

Ds1 who is 12 is getting;
PS3 games
The new Nerf gun
DVD box sets - LOTR and the hobbit
Star Wars encyclopaedia
Rubik's cube
His first aftershave!
Earphones for his iPhone
Superdry watch
Superdry wallet
Some silly Star Wars bits and bobs...a keyring, silly putty, toothbrush etc
Ireland rugby top
A couple of funky t shirts from Amazon - Star Wars and Big Bang theory
Lightsaber smile

madmotherof2 Tue 15-Dec-15 20:22:51

12 year old DS is getting....

Ps4 to share with little bro
Ps4 game - the crew
Superdry belt
Nike boot bag
Nike hoody
Alex rider books box set
Magnetic dart board
I kick
England rugby polo shirt
Ibeat ear phones ( best bargain from grouping!)
Game voucher
Galaxy selection box

Trying to think of a couple small stocking fillers hmm

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