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Time for a "Nice Things For Guests" thread I reckon..........

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 10-Dec-15 23:12:14

Okay, in this thread I'm assuming that your visitors are welcome fgrin
What nice things to make their stay as enjoyable as possible?

We have DMum DDad DBro DSiL and their DCat coming to us.
We are DH DS DD myself and 3 guinea pigs

I'm giving DMum and DDad my DD room (double bed and nearest the bathroom)
DBro and DSil our room (the cat likes to hide under my bed grin )

DD in the little room (junk room) on a very nice new foldy bed with the guinea pigs (in their cage not running about)

DH and I are camoing in with DS (that'll be fun ) . DS has a sofabed , DH and I will have inflateables.
Plan is to roll our beds away and we can use DS room as a second sitting room.

So - that's the sleeping arrangements
And a space for my DDad to watch something other than Eastenders .

I have a light for their room (to read) I'll put a bin, water bottles, some soap and shampoo, magazines and tissues.

Towels and flannels all in the hall (family can help themselves without asking)

I've even bought a heated towel rail from Aldi for them to use .

And yes, of course , they'll have Christmas Bedding fgrin

YourLittlePlantPot Fri 11-Dec-15 00:26:40

Wow! That's a lot of effort!---more than what I would do---

The only thing I can suggest adding to that is maybe bedsocks or slippers for them!

traviata Fri 11-Dec-15 08:43:42

somewhere to put/hang their clothes? i have a coat hook and hangers on the back of the door as well as a chair.

Hero1callylost Fri 11-Dec-15 08:46:05

Put spare toothpaste, shower gel in the bathroom and have a supply of spare toothbrushes

(Can you tell I always forget to pack an essential when I go away?!)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 11-Dec-15 13:26:08

No room for a chair grin
They bring their own slippers and nightwear

I have some of those hooks for over doors and spare hangers.

And there's assorted toothpaste and a pack of cheapie toothbrushes in the toilettries basket.


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