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Fairy godmother themed adult gift

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Fueledwithfairydustandgin Thu 10-Dec-15 18:57:46

I'd like to buy DS's "fairy" godmother something. Budget is £25. She is 25 and likes jewellery but nothing too girly. Maybe a bangle? Can anyone think of a quote for it? I think I may have set myself an impossible task hmm

Freezingwinter Thu 10-Dec-15 19:48:42

F as this would be a great gift idea for a friend of mine too!

CleanHankie Thu 10-Dec-15 22:05:17

Cant help you with a quote but we gave my DD's Fairy Godmother (and she does get called that!) a bracelet with a charm in the shape of a fairy. Or is that something you've given previously?

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