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What are you getting for adult friends/relatives for Christmas?

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Ninkynonkrinkydonk Thu 10-Dec-15 17:30:23

I still have one or two family members to buy for and I don't really have a clue. So what are you getting the adults in your life for Christmas?

HerbieRidesAgain Thu 10-Dec-15 17:38:35

Smellies, experience days out, socks, jewellery charms (females obviously) cds, baking trays (asked for) a jacket again asked for, adult colouring books and pens, tickets to a show, books, gift cards for favourite store. smile

Shinyshoes2 Thu 10-Dec-15 17:41:55

My mum a handbag
My DP a tissot watch , Haig club vodka ( or is it whiskey ?) crag hopper jumpers , socks, bottle of Davidoff coolwater
My friend Mary Berry autobiography and a big tray of Ferreror Rocher
My other friend a nice bottle of Malbec ( she likes red wine )

notenoughbottle Thu 10-Dec-15 18:10:58

Loose tea from Bluebird Tea Co. and a stump tea pot for my mum, hornby stuff and flavourly beer box for dad, lush smellies, hotel chocolat chocs and benefit make up for my sister, nightwear for grandparent, mini tea/candle hampers for aunts etc

LoveMILbut Thu 10-Dec-15 18:12:18

National Trust membership, plants, eek that's it I've also run out of ideas!

originalmavis Thu 10-Dec-15 18:14:14

I love groupon or living social! A meal out for 2, tea or cocktails is a good gift!

Chelsea26 Thu 10-Dec-15 18:21:09

Mum - handbag
Dad - tickets to The Who
Granny - willoughby book club subscription
Husband - Fitbit, wallet ninja, zip up headphones, boxers, socks, aftershave, chocolates
Sister - day o fun together
Friend - small wheely suitcase (she travels a lot and currently uses a rucksack which gets really heavy)
Friend 2 - Canadian dollars as she is going on hols in January

GrouchyKiwi Thu 10-Dec-15 18:26:46

DH: Sandman graphic novel and some Marvel DVDs.

BIL: a selection of whisky miniatures.

Another BIL: Hillwalking guide for Scotland.

My parents: a couple of nice bottles of wine.

FIL: 1000 piece puzzle of the anatomy of a Spitfire.

MIL: no idea. DH said a pretty notebook and pen was too boring.

SIL: possibly something Doctor Who related.

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Thu 10-Dec-15 21:16:21

Iv got my mil la vi est belle by lancome, a kindle fire to share with dfil, a voucher to share with dfil for a restaurant, Turkish delight from Thorntons, photo calendar of kids

Dfil stuff above shared with mil and an effiel tower 3d 1000 piece jigsaw, bottle of grey goose, somethibg else to get

My dad, origins shaving oil and moisturiser
His partner, flaviar gin miniatures set
Grandad, pj's
Great aunt, hotel chocolat set
Nana and partner, no idea
Mum, no idea
Sil, nails Inc set and something else to get
Cousin in law who's also friend, Ted Baker earrings, body shop set
Brother and sister in law, grey goose and prosecco and nails Inc set
Sister st tropez set
Husband, beats headphones so far,

Christ8l Thu 10-Dec-15 22:49:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Ninkynonkrinkydonk Fri 11-Dec-15 15:46:31

That is a great site christ! It's given me some ideas for dp.

MIL got spa voucher
Dad got t shirts and pics of the kids
Step mum got Jo malone candle and a book she was after
Mum got a smartphone (she just discovered the Internet)
Sis and bil got some house stuff and socks
Dp so far has tickets to see a comedian he likes but I want to get him something else
And I have a few more people to get.

sirphlebas Fri 11-Dec-15 16:52:12

mum - jewellery/books/chocolate
dad - books/cd/chocolate
MIL - slippers/gloves/cashmere cape thingie
FIL & my grandma - chocolate - both very demented & no real interest in anything
sister - weekend bag
SIL - handbag
brother - wine
sister's boyfriend - gin

dh - shirt & jumper from me, dd1 has bought him chocolate & a mug, the little children (i.e. me) have done him a box with stuff for his guitar (strings, cable, plectrums), books, socks, cds, fudge etc

banff82 Sat 12-Dec-15 00:02:41

DP - Russell Howard tickets, Arc'teryx ski jacket, Spyder base layer, Sealskinz socks, neck warmer, Tom Ford cologne, CD, couple of books, pjs, calendar of photos of the dogs (from the dogs!), mug, whisky miniatures, chocolate, a little mountain shaped pin board thing with pine tree pins, head massager
Mum - Elton John tickets, Rab base layer, neck warmer, Sealskinz gloves, Jo Malone perfume, JM candle, earrings, calendar of photos of family/dogs, book, pjs, socks, slippers, chocolate
Stepdad - Arc'teryx fleece top, Sealskinz gloves, hiking socks, book, bottle of Remy Martin, chocolate
DP's Mum - knitting themed mug, book, framed photo, chocolate
Cousin 1 - perfume, book, chocolate
Cousin 2 - vouchers for gig tickets (requested), chocolate

Have a few more small/fun bits still to get for DP, Mum and Stepdad but no more 'big' things. Mum sorts out other family presents and my main friend group and work do Secret Santa with a £10 limit so don't have any other major presents to buy.

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