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I need an interesting way of giving several books for DCs to share

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Wenchelda Thu 10-Dec-15 11:36:55

My DCs (3 & 5) will be getting a pile of 8-10 books that are for both of them to share for Christmas. I'd like to wrap/present them in a more exciting way than just a pile of wrapped up books, if that makes sense..... Something like getting one of those little pop up play tents and putting the books inside and calling it a "reading den" or something .... However we don't actually have room for a pop up tent so can anyone suggest anything similar that will make a pile of books look more appealing? Thanks.

clarabellap Thu 10-Dec-15 11:53:51

One of those 'flat' bookshelves so the books are all facing out the way (takes up a bit less room) and cushions/beanbags for a reading corner?

clarabellap Thu 10-Dec-15 11:54:43

Fairy lights round bookshelf to make it a bit more magical too?

Hangingbasket14 Thu 10-Dec-15 11:56:11

What about a personalised book bag? Hobby craft have plain canvas bags for £1 and you could personalise with fabric pens? Or what about a couple of pillow pets/kids cushions instead of an actual reading den?

SoupDragon Thu 10-Dec-15 11:59:30

DS2 once asked for a bag of fake treasure when he was about 6, and I made a treasure hunt for him that clue by clue led him to the bag of treasure hanging in a tree outside. I casually mentioned it to him the other day (he is 14!) and his face lit up and said it was the best present ever.

Yours are younger so could you rig up a pictorial treasure hunt leading to the pile of books? So a picture of the bath where they find a picture of the kitchen where they find a picture of...

Wenchelda Thu 10-Dec-15 16:27:30

Lots of good ideas, thank you! I thought about one of those flat bookshelves - in fact my mum had an old one in her loft for years that I could've painted and done up but unfortunately doesn't have it anymore. Love the treasure hunt idea too!

CremeBrulee Thu 10-Dec-15 23:16:59

What about getting one of those pretty storage boxes (the works usually had loads of designs for about £5) and putting the individually wrapped books inside?

You could call it their sharing library or something to make it special. You could put in a nice notebook each and some pencils/pens so the fanfare pictures or write about the books after they have read them too.

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