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How do people power all these Xmas lights and get up REALLY high?

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Fuckitfay Wed 09-Dec-15 20:39:44

Honestly I'm puzzled. Do people hire cherry pickers, some of the lights round here are on very high roofs?
Where does the source of electricity come from? Do all these houses have external power sources? We have one outdoor plug in a back shed approx 12m from where I'd want lights not incl the height of the house. We got battery powered ones which are ok but only seem to come in a string and only enough to cover a small bush, not a large net or icicles which we'd need to make an impact on front of the house and which the DC are DESPERATE for. DH says short of drilling a hole through the wall we can't have any other lights as you can't leave an extension lead outside. And he says it would look awful having leads everywhere

Really? How come every other house is festooned and we can't work out HOW?

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 10-Dec-15 00:20:13

Don't people just use those long leads? They add them to the string of lights and they take the lead into the house. Usually through a hole drilled somewhere and plug them in inside.

ChipsandGuac Thu 10-Dec-15 00:23:34

Ours is decorated and we use extension cords and the 4 power sockets that helpfully came on the outside of the house!

We have our garden tree lit up and it's pretty tall. I wouldn't recommend our method though...we just sent the 12yo up the tree and told him to go as high as he wanted!

FreddieBoswellsHair Thu 10-Dec-15 00:59:52

When we had outside lights we used to plug them in inside and then have the wire going out the window. It closed with the wire in the way no problem and lots of people round here seem to do the same.

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 10-Dec-15 01:13:28

My DH did that one year Freddie and yes, it worked well. We've just moved to Australia and have fortunately arrived to live in Christmas Street. Every house on our road, bar about 4 is lit up like a space station! grin the DC are thrilled!

We're not organised enough to have got any outdoor lights but wait till next year!

ImtheChristmasCarcass Thu 10-Dec-15 01:15:15

We use a gizmo that screws into the porch light socket. It has 2 plugs on the side and a socket for the bulb. Then we just use the porch light switch.

DH uses an extendable ladder to get the lights on the roof of the ground floor. If we wanted to do the 1st floor gables we'd hire someone to do it. Many of the landscaping companies here install lights as a sideline during Xmas.

Fuckitfay Thu 10-Dec-15 07:36:14

That's a brilliant idea hiring someone to do it, I haven't seen any adverts so I think the local companies are missing a trick.
Is it just the Xmas lights lead that goes through the window? I suppose they are quite thin? As our windows def wouldn't close with an extension lead

thehouseonthelane you have confirmed my DH's fears he has to drill a hole in the wall (well not a fear, but a reason not to have lights)

Will look into a porch light gizmo that may be the solution!

ImtheChristmasCarcass Thu 10-Dec-15 14:18:45

This is the one we use. Obvs I'm in the US. Hopefully you can find something similar.

HerbieRidesAgain Thu 10-Dec-15 17:34:58

We have had outside sockets installed, 3 x doubles though we aren't currently using all of them. All our outside lights are ground level, and they all go into waterproof boxes that have adapters in, these came with a extension with an incredibly long lead. All the actual lights came with reasonably long leads too. I would LOVE lights running along the gutter on the roof but I wouldn't let DH up to do it even if we had a ladder long enough but I never thought about hiring someone, i.e. a landscaper......will look into it in readiness for next year.

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