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So what have you bought?

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ontheginalready Wed 09-Dec-15 16:31:32

I love coming on the Christmas board to see what everyone has bought their dc but I can't seem to find one yet this year. So what are they all getting?

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Wed 09-Dec-15 16:39:08

there are a few lists knocking round On the - but people sharing got very heated last year and frankly, nasty.

I have brought a ton, and pleased to top it up with some surprise items from mother care /elc, reduced and with extra 20% off. smile

fuzzpig Wed 09-Dec-15 17:10:20

Ah yes I have seen previous threads go awfully wrong (especially the ones with photos!) - it's a shame IMO, as I really really love seeing what everyone has got their children. Especially when the DCs have unusual interests and hobbies and the presents are just so... them IYSWIM.

My DCs aren't really getting a 'big ticket item' this year (has been big playmobil sets in the past) so it's just lots of smaller bits to open. Small lego sets, books (curse you Book People flash sale!), some musical instruments, couple of dolls/transformer type things.

Trying not to twitch, but I know I will, I do every year.

BlueBananas Wed 09-Dec-15 17:11:29

Too fucking much fblush

Purplehonesty Wed 09-Dec-15 17:43:48

I don't mind sharing, I've been very frugal this year. Combination of saving up and buying second hand things.

Dd (3) is having some happyland
A giant soft toy horse
A new Minnie Mouse bike
A stocking with half of home bargains in it
A dustpan and brush set (the only thing she asked for)
A robot cat thing

Ds (6) has a new bike
A playmobil fire engine
Air hogs
A stocking as above

They both have lots of little things like books, slipper socks, minion bits and bobs.
I'm currently making them a market stall/shop thing for the playroom as the have a till and some play food. I've ordered play money, a shopping trolley and basket and am making a canopy over a shelving unit and putting baskets in it. Hope it sparks their imaginations as they love pretending to shop.

fuzzpig Wed 09-Dec-15 18:36:53

Wow Purple how are you making the stall thing? I'm jealous, I wish I could do that sort of stuff. As it is I'm thinking of getting a pop up shop (would love a wooden one, but no space) as they still love playing shops at 6/8 and I'm sick of them moving the bloody furniture to do so smile

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Wed 09-Dec-15 18:49:05

I agree Fuzz, I love seeing what others have got, thinking of all these lucky and indulged dc! Its a happy positive thing, and I get more ideas which maybe I don't need

I can divulge I brought two fab looking board games, they arrived today one is heavily awarded called 7 wonders, and the other looks so beautiful and is called Dixixt.

Also got the dc a tablet each ( amazon fire) and lego creator, and a furby.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 09-Dec-15 18:50:29

Nothing so far, eeeeeeek.

coffeeisnectar Wed 09-Dec-15 19:01:10

Dsd (19) is getting money and a cushion shaped like a party ring biscuit. I always get her those when she visits, it's a bit of a standing joke now. She is also having some little bits such as pjs, tubes of sweets and chocolate elves. But she needs money for her car.

Dd (17) is getting a laptop and some other bits, bag and shawl to go with the dress she has bought, dvds, Amazon voucher and usual tubes of sweets.

Dsd (12) is getting a 3ds with a game, books, pjs, socks, dvds, sweets, chocolate and some other things I've forgotten as bought, wrapped and in the loft.

Dd(10) laptop, candy floss maker, dvds, books, moshi monster house and chocolates.

Dp is getting a compressor for car tyres (he asked for this!), dvds, books, socks, chocolates and if he's lucky a Xmas kiss or two grin

The cats have got new toys and cat nip.

We got some money we weren't expecting so have been able to splash out a bit this year. I can't wait til Xmas day.

ARichVernacular Wed 09-Dec-15 19:02:37

7yo DS: Snap Circuits, the new Skylanders game, the new Wimpy Kid book, new dressing gown and slippers, some Jamie Smart comic books personally signed by the man himself, plus a stocking crammed with fun stuff.

4yo DD is getting two Lottie dolls, a Lottie outfit, new dressing gown and slippers, some Jamie Smart stuff as above, something sciencey yet to be purchased, plus a stocking crammed with fun stuff.

ARichVernacular Wed 09-Dec-15 19:05:57

DH: the new Rupert Thomson novel, a book about space, Julia Kent's new album, and I want to get him some other stuff too but haven't got that far yet.

fuzzpig Wed 09-Dec-15 19:08:42

Dsd (19) is getting money and a cushion shaped like a party ring biscuit. I always get her those when she visits, it's a bit of a standing joke now.

See, that's the kind of stuff I love reading! fgrin It's so nice to read about all these different silly traditions that other families have. Most 19yos might be like, WTF, a party ring cushion?! But it'll make your DSD laugh I bet, because it's a family thing, and that's special. santa

coffeeisnectar Wed 09-Dec-15 19:13:33

Every visit I'm like "ooh hang on!" And go rummage in the cupboard and she says "have you got me party rings?" It's daft, they are only 50p but she likes that I remember.

Sometimes I get the mini bags to mix it up a bit grin

coffeeisnectar Wed 09-Dec-15 19:15:27

I like the thought that about 90% of the population is wearing new pjs, dressing gowns and slippers. There's something so nice about new pjs.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 09-Dec-15 19:34:58

Ds1 (13) can't think of anything so he's getting money. I bought him a £50 face value coin though from Royal Mint which I'm hoping he will think is as cool as I do. He's a bit of a geek so fingers crossed. I'm going to get a fifty pound note as well and I got some Russian doll style gift boxes from eBay so I'll shove the note in the smallest one and he can work his way through the boxes.

Ds2 is getting a new kindle, the paperwhite one. And some light stax things which was just a punt really, he night never use them.

They both have loads of books and a onesie each.

NewLife4Me Wed 09-Dec-15 19:41:50

The older 2 grown up dc £100 and £50 of bits and pieces, pants, socks etc.


Various Opera dvd's
Smelly stuff/ toiletries
Note book/journal
Charlie Parker print and Poster
Jazz t shirts
chocolates and sweets
Russian Dolls,
Make up
more, but can't remember

MrsPear Wed 09-Dec-15 19:57:20

Ds1 age 6 stocking 2 x mini Lego bags - the ones that cost around £4 - iron man costume, selection of books and 2 hex bugs. Main present is the playmobil folding police station and a couple of superhero moshers.

Ds2 age 3 Thomas jigsaw, Thomas book collection - one big old style illustrated affair - grufflo costume - great e bay find - and book, diesel and craft stuff - in a decorated shoe box as I didn't like the ready done sets. For main present I got playmobil super 4 castle and a dragon.

All done and wrapped. Phew!

MrsPear Wed 09-Dec-15 19:59:20

Oh and h an espresso machine and some cups as I am fed up with the moaning about the instant!

Nearlyadoctor Wed 09-Dec-15 20:00:59

Ooh I like this type of thread - just nosy I guess...

DS 22 ( good job so buys what he wants, so tend to buy fun/ frivolous presents)
Disney Infinity 3.0
Lego Dimensions
Darth Vader soap on a rope
Chocolate orange
RC Lamborghini
Del Boy Autobiography

DD 8.5
Lego Elves Castle
Playmobil take along stable
2x DS games
Animal rucksack
Hetty Feather book Series
Harry Potter colouring book
Articulate for kids
3x small my little ponies
3x individual Playmobil ponies
Rainforest Lego creator
Little live pet bird
Alice in Wonderland book
New diary of a wimpy kid book

Ninkynonkrinkydonk Wed 09-Dec-15 20:06:06

Ds1 is 11 and I've got him: adventure time Dr Martens, a mello skateboard, clothes, books, a lazer maze game thing, a new dressing gown (he loves his dressing gowns). Also gave him some money towards a nexus 9 (he sold an old tablet and did chores for cash to fund the rest).

Ds2 is 18 months and we got him a feber caterpillar climbing frame, twirlywoo boat play set and some wooden blocks in a little cart. Also some Bing books.

I can't wait for Christmas!

sirphlebas Wed 09-Dec-15 20:06:29

dd1 (15) - hoodie (& stationery, iphone speaker thing, headphones, make up, earrings, a book & a bag)
ds1 (9) - lego (also more lego, wii game, nerf gun, torch, k'nex, whoopee cushion)
dd2 (6) - playmobil playground set (& snuggly hot water bottle, dressing up outfit, colouring/sticker book & pens, craft kit, care bears lunch box, some other playmobil stuff & a magic kit)
ds2 (4) - Thomas trackmaster set (also jigsaw puzzle, pop gun, a couple of trackmaster trains, take 'n' play set & trains, sticker book)

They all get chocolate & something new to wear - everything except their main present goes into their stocking ... they more or less end up with about the same number of things to open though dd1 ends up being more expensive.

ontheginalready Wed 09-Dec-15 20:09:30

It's a shame that it got nasty. I love to look at what other people have bought. As per usual I have over bought. I buy throughout the year and then forget the things I have bought. Or I'll think one has less so will get a few bits for that one only to realise they have more so then have to even the others out. This year my dc have:

Ds 10.5
A tank so he can get a ghecko after Christmas
Minecraft Lego set
Bop it Tetris
Skylanders figures and traps
Ripley's book
Dandy annual
Small Lego car set
Some colouring postcards
Michael Morpurgo book
Science putty

DD 8
Hamper of Lush stuff and sparkly nail varnish/ lip balm etc
Lego elves set
Top model book
Hot water bottle
Bobble hat
Skylanders figure
Beano annual
David Williams book
Double game
Colouring postcards

Ds 5.5
Skylanders superchargers
Skylanders figures
Playmobil knights carry case
Lego ninjago set
Small Lego car set
Illustrated history book
Mini brio building set
Playmobil figure
Star wars annual
Darth Vader figure

DD 3
Playmobil swimming pool and park
Peppa pig soap
Sticker book
Colouring pencils
Play dough pots
Peel off nail varnish
Mosaic set

That is their main gifts and stockings.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Wed 09-Dec-15 20:13:00

DS (3) has quite a bit, might save some bits for his birthday.

Marble run
Imaginext Pirate ship (half price and bought with nectar points)
Imaginext Ogre
Paw patrol vehicles (Ali express)
Frozen busy book
Woody and Buzz (twitch item!)
Bundle of plastic figures / characters eg Bob the builder (eBay/charity shops!)
Small Lego animals set

For stocking, he's got a lollipop and chocolate coins, a Thomas train, a paw patrol colouring book, a wooden game, a whoppee cushion, a hot wheels car, a mini cement truck.

DS (5 months) has a selection of DS1s old toys, plus some new sleepsuits, and some new weaning bits.

DH has got: Wall-e Lego, Bread baking book, New PJ bottoms, Photobook of him and DSs

Also bought a family present of a Lego Santa's Workshop which I'll give on Christmas Eve.


KinkyDorito Wed 09-Dec-15 20:32:16

DS (will turn 7 next week)

Disney Infinity 3.0
Figures for that and Lego Dimensions (getting that for birthday)
Beast Quest books and top trumps
Minecraft Lego
Marvel Lego
Other books
Labyrinth game
Turtles ludo game
Chocolate in various forms

DD (17)

Fallout 4
Various colouring in stuff
T shirts
Lots of books

It seems reasonably modest in list form but seem to have spent £££. All my good intentions always go out of the window. Still fighting the annual twitch though... fconfused

DamnCommandments Wed 09-Dec-15 20:40:51

LovelyWeather which bread book? I need a recommendation for DH! Ta!

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