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Help! new tablet advice needed please

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OneMoreForExtra Tue 08-Dec-15 23:22:11

3 years ago I got DH a 7" Google Nexus, after much research. It was a massive hit. But it now needs replacing (apparently they've been wrecked by a buggy upgrade). I got lucky last time, DH is super-picky and technologically superior to me, and I'm too petrified to buy anything. Any MNers with lower technofear ratings prepared to offer advice?

(pretty please?)

4yoniD Wed 09-Dec-15 19:27:18

My Nexus 7 also died a death when updated. I'm replacing with a Fire (you missed the black friday deals I'm afraid). The Fire will be quite different from the Nexus though. I'd also look at the iPad, Galaxy tab or another Nexus. There are Microsoft options available now too, but not sure if you wanted to stick with traditional tablets?

OneMoreForExtra Wed 09-Dec-15 23:03:53

I've panicked and bought a Dragon Touch A1. Some good reviews so fingers crossed. I couldn't work out whether the Fire was a Kindle Fire (I've got one and love it, but have lower tech requirements than DH) or a whole other sort of Fire... I hope yours is a success!

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