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Bauble help

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flatmouse Tue 08-Dec-15 16:57:12

Looking for a personalised hand-decorated large dark blue bauble that has writing in silver on X's 1st Christmas 2XXX.
Have searched all over ebay but they seem to use "stick on" letters (and not silver glitter.
There was a breakage sad

Tate15 Wed 09-Dec-15 08:18:12

Have you had a look on NOTHS or Etsy?

flatmouse Wed 09-Dec-15 09:36:21

Yup - nothing that hits the mark unfortunately.

AugustRose Wed 09-Dec-15 09:50:55

Have you looked on etsy? There are some nice ones that are not hugely expensive like most stuff on there.

Do you mean like these two:

AugustRose Wed 09-Dec-15 09:56:26

Sorry just noticed Tate mentioned Etsy, my brain is not working today!

flatmouse Wed 09-Dec-15 11:16:10

I'd say this is the closest i've seen
The original was a solid dark blue bauble, and the writing on it was in silver glitter pen not stuck on letters like this. But i think i'm never going to be able to replicate exactly.

Thanks for looking!

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