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What have your 12yr olds asked for?

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BloodyDogHairs Tue 08-Dec-15 14:44:57

I'm looking for inspirations!

To start with mine asked for a segway/hoverboard (whatever they are called) but after hearing about the fire risks I said no, next on the list was a iphone 5 but he already has a iphone 4s so I feel it's pointless buying a new phone.

He already has PS4, tablet etc so I've run out of ideas and so has my ds.

Badders123 Tue 08-Dec-15 14:57:14

It's hard isn't it!?
My ds1 is 12 and ha s btw really asked for anything other than some ps3 games.
I've got him lots of little things this year as no big gift
He would have loved a ps4 but he has a ps3 which he shares with ds2 and loads of games and lego dimensions for it
I might get him one next year when the prices have gone down.
He has got things like:
A superdry watch and wallet
Earphones for his iPhone
Rugby top
Some funky t shirts - big bang theory and star wars
Nerf gun
Rubiks cube
His first aftershave shock

Dotty342kids Tue 08-Dec-15 15:07:59

Mine didn't know what to ask for this year so this is what we're getting him:
Really good headphones (not Beats as they're insanely expensive, but good ones!)
Some kit for rowing (gloves and fleece)
A "Whittling" book and set of knives (he's a scout so likes playing with wood / sharp things!)
A beginners set of weights
New wallet and washbag to replace the rather childish ones he has at present
New game for his X box
t-shirt from the festival we went to this summer
X box live membership

I suspect when his birthday rolls around in March he'll be asking for either a PS4 or Xbox One as think his friends may get one or the other for Christmas!

insan1tyscartching Tue 08-Dec-15 15:08:23

Dd has asked for a laptop (needed) graphics tablet (wanted) Super Mario Maker and Splattoon for Wii U, style boutique 2 for 3ds, art stuff, t shirts (revolving round a game she plays Undertale and some you tubers I've never heard of) charms for her Nomination bracelet, make up and a Disney descendents doll. I'm almost embarrassed to admit she'll get what she's asked for and a few surprises thrown in and a well stuffed stocking.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 08-Dec-15 15:10:06

Skateboard, skateboard backpack, new trainers. Hoodies and a few bits.
(There are great penny boards on vinsani web site - better than tje tou shops)

LibidinousTurkey Tue 08-Dec-15 15:16:02

DS (nearly 12) has asked for (after much prompting hmm)

A new RC car- GP's have bought a bigger and better one than he could ever have begun to imagine

A GoPro- we have bought a lookalike with excellent reviews as he's not known for being the most careful child

A subscription to Octane magazine

A hamper of nice food fsmile

An iTunes voucher

An Xbox voucher

Again, he will get everything he's asked for fblush

BloodyDogHairs Tue 08-Dec-15 15:17:22

Oh Superdry, I could pop in there and stock him up with a decent jacket and hoodies.

I'm considering a laptop but I think I'd be better waiting on the Boxing day sales fblush

Badders123 Tue 08-Dec-15 15:53:23

Ds has got lots of surprises as he asked for so little. Hope he likes it all!
There are a couple of things I'm really excited about giving him - a collectors edition history of transformers and his ireland rugby top smile

DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow Tue 08-Dec-15 16:00:22

DS asked for some fingerless gloves and some slippers hmm.

We've got him:
Ugg slippers
Fingerless gloves x 2
Foo Fighters tshirt
Beatles Number 1's CD
After dinner games (tiddlywinks, Jenga, dining table Table Tennis)
Smellies set
A big tub of haribo

I like the idea of a Superdry wallet, think I'll add that to my shopping list.

Ninkynonkrinkydonk Tue 08-Dec-15 16:03:21

Mine has asked for Jake Dr Martens and a skateboard and a watch strap for his pebble smartwatch.

tassisssss Tue 08-Dec-15 16:04:50

Ours is getting a table tennis table and badminton net (joint gifts with sisters)

Also fifa 16, onesie, darts board, lynx, head phones, selfie stick, bluetooth speakers (not all from us!) and maybe the new Now CD (though his wee sister may get that).

He loves annuals - match of the day, match, Man U, Roy of the Rovers, the Broons!

got him new trainers for his christmas party last night and he hasn't stopped stroking them!!

would like ice style watch too, will have to wait for birthday

Badders123 Tue 08-Dec-15 16:41:04

Oh! I forgot! also got him an annual, touchscreen gloves, a silly book "52 things to do while you poo" blush spends aeons in there!
Also a silly star wars putty melting stormtrooper.
If you open a next account you get £10 off your first order so you could get the superdry wallet for £5 smile

Nicknamegrief Tue 08-Dec-15 16:45:46

Books and Lego!

BloodyDogHairs Tue 08-Dec-15 17:01:07

Thanks everyone, this thread has given me some good ideas.

CakeNinja Wed 09-Dec-15 07:27:28

I have a nearly 12yo dd.
Really struggling for Christmas ideas for her this year.
She has got her stocking pretty much sorted (still got things to get but I know what), it's her tree presents I'm having trouble with.
Lego, (lots in there that isn't pink), wii u game, big headphones from FC, erm...

Dotty342kids Wed 09-Dec-15 10:59:15

I know friends with DDs that age are getting them hair straightening/curling devices - they seem very popular this year?

Clothes? I loved having clothes at that age...

mumslife Wed 09-Dec-15 12:18:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I8toys Wed 09-Dec-15 12:42:44

Top Gear Driving Experience, Beats Headphones, Xbox games, gaming T-shirts, Lynx stuff, Tetris light, Annuals, Top trumps,

ohtheholidays Wed 09-Dec-15 18:03:42

DD12 has asked for a mini trampoline,a couple of very thick(decent)crash mats,a camera,a phone and an art projector thingy(yes that is the technical term)fgrin I've also bought her some new PJ's,underwear,clothes,bath stuff,bag,purse,compact mirror,new glasses case,art and craft bits,sweets.

Still need to get her some new boots,a coat and a leotard and knowing me I'll find some other bits that she likes and that I just have to buy.

CakeNinja Wed 09-Dec-15 18:08:10

I have just given dd my ghds as I bought the wide plated ones, although she isn't really into doing her hair.
Could go down the clothes route, she does like them but hasn't really expressed an interest in anything particular.
Isn't superdry and jack wills all over now? I mean the hype? I have no problem buying them expensive clothes when they want them or even just if I like them, but she had never asked for anything from there so I'm not going to buy them for the sake of it.
She's very hard to buy for this year!

CakeNinja Wed 09-Dec-15 18:08:52

Oh, although I think I'm going to get her one of the lava lamps from smiggle.

EvaJacobs1 Wed 09-Dec-15 18:15:24

My 12 year old ds is getting:-

North Face jacket
Super dry hoody
Few designer t shirts
Hugo Boss aftershave
Ferrari racing car
I tunes voucher
Phone cover
Couple of books
Amazon fire stick for his TV

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 09-Dec-15 18:23:10

Ds2 could think of anything at all that he wanted so he has

iPad mini
Ps4 headset
"Real" boots

coffeeisnectar Wed 09-Dec-15 18:25:33

Dsd is 12 and has asked for a hoverboard from her mum and a 3 ds from us.

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