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Ideas for how to present night in hotel?

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PurpleGuppy Tue 08-Dec-15 14:16:17

I've booked a posh hotel for me and DH as part of his Christmas present but in a bit stuck for ideas on how to present it to him.
It was booked online so all I have is an email confirmation with the price on which I obviously don't want to give him!
Would like to make it a bit special and not just tell him.
Anyone done anything like this before?

snowgirl1 Tue 08-Dec-15 14:27:41

How about just making your own 'voucher' using something like powerpoint? You could buy him a new toiletries bag (or slippers or dressing gown or new swimming trunks or something he might use in a hotel) and wrap it up with that? Or you could give him a cool box freezer block with it and label it 'a couple of things for some chill out time'.

Jw35 Tue 08-Dec-15 14:29:23

Download and print a picture of the hotel, stick it on the front of a card and write inside the date your staying there. I did a similar thing for a holiday

Geepee71 Tue 08-Dec-15 15:10:38

When I do this, I create a poster with PowerPoint, then roll up and tie a ribbon round it. Now th emits visually stunning, but special enough.

Geepee71 Tue 08-Dec-15 15:11:02

Not the most

TheSpottedZebra Tue 08-Dec-15 15:12:45

A small chocloate. He can put it on his pillow if the hotel does not.

Or you could do filthier versions of that.

PurpleGuppy Tue 08-Dec-15 19:19:16

Not sure if my technical skills are up to making posters but I'll give it a try! Thank you.

iklboo Tue 08-Dec-15 19:25:44

Does the hotel do a brochure / postcard of itself it could send you?

jellyjiggles Tue 08-Dec-15 19:31:11

I got the hotel to send me a confirmation letter without the price. I put it in an envelope along with a brochure for the hotel and spa.

PurpleGuppy Tue 08-Dec-15 19:31:15

I'm not sure, it's a small boutique sort of place so Mayen not. Worth asking though!

Leeds2 Tue 08-Dec-15 19:42:32

You could print out an A4 sheet with details of the stay, and pictures of the hotel/location, and put it in a Christmas cracker. I am led to believe that they are easy to make, although have never done it myself!

PurpleGuppy Tue 08-Dec-15 19:45:06

Oh love that idea, I've made crackers before and they are easy so that's perfect!

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 08-Dec-15 19:47:37

My mum gifts like this, she says we're only allowed to spend £10 per person at Christmas. So more expensive things she'll buy a mug from the pound shop and then hand write "use this card to get tea and cake when I visit" for my sister and I on tag and wraps both up together or a toy car and puts "use this for a service on your car." She really doesn't like computers so she hand writes it. So in a case of a night away she would probably just by a wash bag and stick a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in it and tie the tag to the zip. Or a pair of nice pyjamas.

Doing a voucher on a computer doesn't really take much if you've got publisher, there's a template for one. But if you really don't want too. Just hand write on a gift tag "to be used on the date you've booked at such and such hotel'

jellyjiggles Tue 08-Dec-15 19:49:14

Naughty I like those ideas! I may pinch the concept.

PurpleGuppy Tue 08-Dec-15 19:52:38

Thanks Naughty, i probably made myself sound really computer illiterate, which I'm not. I just wasn't sure I could pull off a poster that didn't look really naff.
Love your mum's gift ideas.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 08-Dec-15 20:58:54

Oh I was more saying it didn't have to be anything partially elaborate even a little note of the hotel and date. It didn't have to be anything hard on the computer. I'm sure your not computer illiterate neithers my mum she just doesn't like them and tends to just go it's technology I don't know when my sister and I try and explain it.

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