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You can now attempt to recreate all of Kevin's traps from Home Alone

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alwaystimeforcoffee Tue 08-Dec-15 08:54:11

Home Alone is my all time favourite Christmas movie, it's become annual tradition each Christmas Eve for us all to sit down as a family and watch fsmile

It made me smile seeing this post on how to defend your home- not sure I'll be booby trapping my house just yet but might treat my girls to the One Direction cut outs!

Tate15 Tue 08-Dec-15 16:45:13

Very good marketing idea!

Home alone is one of the best family films, myself and my daughter still love watching it.

fuzzpig Tue 08-Dec-15 18:57:21

Holy crap.

All I can take from that article is that Home Alone was made TWENTY FIVE fecking years ago!

I feel old fsad

alwaystimeforcoffee Wed 09-Dec-15 09:22:26

Haha I know! I remember seeing it at the cinema as a kid- surely it's not been that long?! They just don't make Christmas movies like they used to!

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