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Please help - pirate costume for 4 year old?

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Hannah1984567 Tue 08-Dec-15 07:46:08

Please can someone help? I need to source a pirate costume to be posted, and arrive, before Christmas. It's for a four year old boy and I'm not that keen on swords etc., just something that is of decent quality (so it won't go up in flames at the drop of a hat) and obviously piratey. It's to go with the playmobile pirate ship he has already, if that helps. I'd also like to find a really good pirate adventure book for a (very, very) bright four year old but I'm drawing a blank. I was not really into pirates growing up and bookshop staff haven't been really helpful.

Total spend is probably about £30. Next stop is probably eBay but I'm worried about quality if I can't inspect it before I buy. Does anyone know of anything that might be suitable please?

Hannah1984567 Tue 08-Dec-15 07:46:48

PS, I should say my back up plan is to make him one but I'd like to be spared that fate as I haven't done sewing in years!

JassyRadlett Tue 08-Dec-15 08:19:01

Melissa and Doug do a great pirate costume - good quality and long lasting. The hat is somehow indestructible. It does come with a foam sword but you could easily remove that. It's currently £15 on Amazon.

The Pirates Next Door is one DS loves. Will try to think of others!

bunique Tue 08-Dec-15 10:04:06

I was about to recommend the same one ^

boobybum Tue 08-Dec-15 10:14:19

'The Pirate Cruncher' is a current bedtime favourite here. It's a sing song rhyming book so we always read it in our best pirate voices!

snowgirl1 Tue 08-Dec-15 18:21:12

Marks & Spencer's do a pirate costume here

SometimesItRains Tue 08-Dec-15 18:23:06

Another vote for the Melissa and Doug costume. Ours has been played with for three years and it still looks good. I agree that the hat is indestructible.

JassyRadlett Tue 08-Dec-15 20:09:03

How? What magic material have they used to make that hat survive preschoolers? And why aren't we using it in civil engineering?

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