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Help! I've got nothing for Ds age 6...

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mootime Mon 07-Dec-15 22:36:58

Ds is not a massive player with toys. Much prefers a game of mums and dads, and as such has not really hit anything he wants for Christmas.
I've so far got him some books....
Last year we gave magnatiles which were a hit and he loves Lego but we have a small mountain and he prefers to invent rather than follow kits.
Please help me!!

DragonsCanHop Mon 07-Dec-15 22:42:24

Do you do stockings plus main presents?

DD 7 stocking:

Chocolate,American candy from poundland, blind bags, electric toothbrush, bubble bath, hot chocolate and a new mug, fluffy socks.


Doh vinci
Play doh
Paw petrol.

What is he into?

MegBusset Mon 07-Dec-15 22:46:59

Dressing up costumes?
Board games?

WelshMoth Mon 07-Dec-15 23:48:51

Hex Bugs?

DancingDinosaur Tue 08-Dec-15 00:07:04

Wall climbing car.

Cressandra Tue 08-Dec-15 00:50:57

Music player and Cds/ dockable MP3 player.

k'nex starter set (mine had one last year and he's getting a k'nex roller coaster this time)


margaritasbythesea Tue 08-Dec-15 07:00:41

Baby boy doll if he likes playing mums and dads.

Magic set.


Medical bag with tea supplies - a real blood pressure monitor, stethoscope etc is not expensive. You can get all the bits separately.

margaritasbythesea Tue 08-Dec-15 07:01:07

Real not tea

Pobspits Tue 08-Dec-15 07:20:46

Baby bunk beds
A tall baby pram
Snap circuits set
Dressing up stuff
Craft stuff
Stuff for his room

OSETmum Tue 08-Dec-15 07:51:53

DS is getting a keyboard and a specialised bike as his main presents, but is also getting:

A new helmet
Liverpool football kit
Bluetooth speaker
The first 2 Harry Potter books
Some simpler airfix sets
Spy pens and secret diary
Poo emoji cushion ( I know! But he'll think it's the funniest thing ever!!)
A globe

For his stocking he's getting:

The usual sweets and chocolate
Minions bubble bath and aftershave set
Hair mousse
A mini nerf gun
A small Lego set
The kind of bubble gum that comes as a tape
A can of Coke
A magic flannel

From family he's getting:
Disney Infinity
Board games
A new motorbike jacket

Hope some of those ideas are useful for you.

Pranmasghost Tue 08-Dec-15 10:36:49

My 6 year old dgs is getting a ukulele, Lego and Harry Potter dress up clothes with broomstick. He also has a Melissa and Doug magic set (a great hit for his birthday) and a Knex building set.

hippoherostandinghere Tue 08-Dec-15 10:50:12

I have a 6 year old. He's getting a 2DS, wii u games, lego, a science kit, go kart, mario figures and teddies, a wrestling ring, hexbugs.

mootime Tue 08-Dec-15 16:40:51

Thanks for the ideas. I've managed to get some fun bits for his stocking today (harmonica, light up bookmark, crystal growing kit mini Aqua bead set) and I'm going to look at some science and craft stuff.
Meccano sounds an interest plan.

It's funny, he's really just not that into anything in particular. Would probably like me to let him watch a bit more tvhmm

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