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Music for dd

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LaCerbiatta Mon 07-Dec-15 10:11:53

So dd 10 wants all the Little Mix albums for Christmas. I'm old and not tech savvy and don't really know how one buys music anymore... She has a PC laptop, an ipod shuffle, an ipod mini and an ipod touch. All ipods are old from me or dh and we no longer have the iTunes passwords so she finds them useless because she can't add any music to them and doesn't like the music that it's there.

So what's the best way of getting her some music, preferably that she can also add to one if the ipods?

Thanks so much!

LibidinousTurkey Mon 07-Dec-15 11:04:42

Set her up with her own iTunes account and give her a voucher to spend as she chooses?
We do this for DS as it is safer than inputting CC details and Heat exchanger enjoys having the ability to spend as and when he chooses.

LaCerbiatta Mon 07-Dec-15 11:34:30


Can you add music from iTunes to an android phone? Or is it only compatible with ipods?

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