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Perfume for a 30 year old

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milkandmarmite Sun 06-Dec-15 19:43:27

Tell me what perfumes are currently good for a 30 year old? I'm completely clueless..

Is there anything that has been released fairly recently that is nice or do people tend to stick to classics?

DragonMamma Sun 06-Dec-15 19:48:00

I am 32 and I tend to stick to classics like Chanel. I don't like sleb type ones and haven't since I was early 20s.

fraggle84 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:11:08

Clinique happy

Laquila Sun 06-Dec-15 20:17:09

I think personal style/lifestyle/brand awareness is probably a better indicator of what she might like. What kind of clothes does she wear, what kind of style does she have? Preferred beauty brands? Is she quite a "girly" girl or likely to appreciate something a bit more unisex?

Star2015 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:19:17

I'm 31... I wear Chloe or Nina Rici

PopcornFrenzy Sun 06-Dec-15 20:20:34

I wear Chanel chance, it's lovely

Nectarines Sun 06-Dec-15 20:21:08

I'm 32 and love love love Elie Saab! It's lovely and fresh and great for day and night.

randomcatname Sun 06-Dec-15 21:05:41

Clinique Happy. It was on amazon deals of the day earlier. I almost bought it and then remembered christmas is about other people's presents. damn them. fenvy

milkandmarmite Sun 06-Dec-15 21:59:21

Some brilliant suggestions thanks so much..She's sophisticated and very well groomed. I will look into some of the mentioned above!

Viewofhedges Mon 07-Dec-15 11:19:48

Perfume is a minefield and just SOOO personal. Chloe is lovely, and Jo Malone is definitely something that a 30 year old would appreciate but it is expensive. Chanel reminds me of my grandma and most of the other 'name' perfumes are a bit ick if you ask me. Voucher for really lovely shop that sells perfume and an instruction that this is what it's for? I know I'd be thrilled with that and it is lovely to get one you actually really like / have permission to buy something so indulgent.

Pengweng Mon 07-Dec-15 15:49:50

I'm 31 and wear Origins Ginger Essence.

I think anyone who didn't know me would struggle though as i don't really like most perfumes. I've worn the one above for years and DH buys it for me when i tell him too. lol
I would love a voucher and a note to say what it was for though as i seldom buy stuff for myself.

PeanutButterLips Mon 07-Dec-15 15:59:50

Anything by Thierry Mugler, it can be pricey but smells divine

HippyChickMama Mon 07-Dec-15 16:03:26

I'm in my 30s and wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Dior Addict. Have done since my early 20s.

SquadGoals Mon 07-Dec-15 16:04:47

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is popular.

MrsLannister Mon 07-Dec-15 17:02:21

I'm 30 and I've asked for Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb for Christmas. fsmile

Sparkletastic Mon 07-Dec-15 17:08:21

Age doesn't have much to do with scent preferences once you are out of the Impulse years.

Do you know any scents that she usually wears? What's your budget? Jo Malone do a gorgeous box set of miniatures for £70.

ConceptOfBiscuits Mon 07-Dec-15 18:13:31

Armani code- lovely.

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