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Where can I find garlands and decorations?

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clarabellap Sun 06-Dec-15 14:38:40

Hoping you will have some ideas of where I might be able to find some lovely 'classy' garlands and decorations. I think at this late stage it would have to be found in shops rather than online as we are decorating for Xmas next weekend.

So for the kitchen I was thinking cosy and homely things like gingerbread men and xmas puddings that type of thing. For the main living space we have a medium sized stove so something to adorn that (it doesn't become hot in the outside) and the more decorations to make the place look festive ( Usually I Only Put A Tree Up! !) The tree gets decorated with individual type Dec's - wooden painted soldiers, little birds, flowers, a few baubles in traditional xmas colours - reds and greens mainly!
Then the hall! - a garland with lights for the bannister. Maybe something small for the girls' bedrooms and finally a wreath! Phew!!!

So if anyone has come across beautiful decorations then please let me know smile.

Thanks in advance!

Pigleychez Sun 06-Dec-15 14:47:01

Wilko's had lots of garlands in store. Some decorated, some plain. They also stock all sorts of bits to add to garlands. I was given a plain garland from a relative and added small silver baubles, bows, pine cones, cinamon sticks and some battery powered lights. It looks good over the fireplace and was super cheap.
(the lights are white but look blue in the photo?!)

clarabellap Sun 06-Dec-15 15:09:04

That looks gorgeous! ( and I love your dog)!
I am actually bed bound completely just now and so whatever I get needs to be easily describable so I can send someone else in to purchase it smile.
Do you think it would be easy enough to do something like that whilst lying flat on your back? I'm such a control freak so this is ultra frustrating for me haha

EdithWeston Sun 06-Dec-15 15:19:45

How long until you're back on your feet? I think you might have to wait until you can choose things yourself, and if convalescent in one trip for everything.

Some garden centres have marvellous Christmas shops which have lots of everything you can think of. Is there one near you?

FinallyHere Sun 06-Dec-15 15:30:42

If ypu have money to throw at it, these are brilliant. I've been looking at the web site for ages and have. Finally [sic] gone for it this year. Really love, and the pre-lit trees make it all so easy.

Wreaths and garlands, too. I also bpught a few sticks of real greenery, for the smell and am now all set. They delivered exactly when they said they would, in just a few days, only a week or so ago.

FinallyHere Sun 06-Dec-15 15:31:48

And again, with the link, sorry

clarabellap Sun 06-Dec-15 16:09:01

Won't be back on my feet until after Xmas unfortunately fsad - i can walk for about 10 minutes but i cant sit down at all so that rules out getting in a car! but I think if I find pictures of things I like my partner is pretty good at choosing things. Garden centres are a great shout.
Also going to go and have a look on the site linked to - don't mind spending the money for decent quality stuff and if they will deliver in time then that's a double bonus.
Thank you very much everyone

Pigleychez Sun 06-Dec-15 17:12:57

Thanks. He's ony 6mths so it was a rare moment of calm!
Could do click and collect and just get someone to pick it up?

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