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Can someone talk me through football kits?

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SummerNights1986 Sun 06-Dec-15 13:02:29

I have two football mad ds's (7 and 5). One who supports Arsenal, the other Chelsea - no idea why mind, we're nowhere near either and our home team are in the Premier League hmm ...anyway.

I want to get them a football kit each for Christmas but I've been searching online and i'm stumped.

There are home kits, away kits, cup kits, replica kits, personalised kits...i'm lost. Even some of the 'official' home kits for 2016 seem to differ from each other hmm

Anyone in the know about football? I want them to have a kit they will recognise as their team kit iyswim, and not waste a fortune on the wrong type. Which one should I get for each? And does anyone know of any offers?

TIA smile

Beth2511 Sun 06-Dec-15 13:57:27

Can speak for chelsea (chelsea obsessed family)

The blue kit is the main kit and the obvious one. You can get players names on the back or could put your sons name on it.

The white kit is the main kit and the other mainly used one. There is a third kit but rarely used.

You can buy them through the chelsea megastore or sports direct sell them too. Depending on your DCs size they may do them as a full kit or just shirts. Not sure what size the combined kit stop and you have to start buying seperate.

Arsenals main kit is red and white but not aute about their away kit!

Redcrayons Sun 06-Dec-15 14:05:14

The home kit is the one you want, it's the main one they wear. The away kit is for when they are playing another team who wear the same colour as them. Unless they specifically ask for away, don't get it.
The international, third team, away kit etc are all made up bollocks to rip customers off.

Sportsdirect is good for kits, but usually only stock 'local' teams, so depends where you live.

Oh and prepare yourself for the expense once they get out of the small kids sizes.

captainflash Sun 06-Dec-15 14:09:15

Arsenal family here! Most recognisable kit from them is the home red and white one.
You can buy from Puma online or we got our last one from JD Sports. (Although I think Sports Direct is cheaper for personalisation). I'd go for home kits if you want them to be more recognisable. The Arsenal away is gold and navy this year. It's quite smart.

They don't necessarily need names and numbers on the back but it adds to the fun. My son tends to have his favourite player rather than his own name. They are bloody expensive though and I have bought knock-offs from China in the past. Bit too late for Christmas now though.

kittyvet Sun 06-Dec-15 14:19:58


The home kits are
1st choice, worn in all home games and away too unless there is a clash with the other teams. Away kits are used a few times when there is no clash but only to promote sales. Third kit are used when both home and away kits clash but are also used occasionally to rip people off.

Arsenal sometimes wear the away kit more than other teams because they refuse to wear spare shorts with the home kit when there is a clash. Only white will do.

"Cup kits' is a marketing term by puma. Some clubs wear away kits for all cup games or wear the cup kit instead of the away one in cup games but this is all a ploy to rip people off.

Personalised kit is when there is a name and or number on the back. If you buy this and the player leaves the club, the kids won't want it. Printing also comes off in the wash sometimes. Don't bother.

The home colours are the recognisable colours. Teams used to have traditional away colours but marketing is ruining this. Arsenal traditionally wear yellow with blue shorts away. The gold has only been done once before.

Finally, beware that these days, each kit has a lifespan of one season. Come May next year, all kits will be obsolete. Three new ones per team will be available for August.

kittyvets husband

maryann1975 Sun 06-Dec-15 19:46:30

Ds has had a new home kit for his team for three years. They looks pretty much identical to me, but DH assures me they are all different, sponsors, collars, badge positions all change apparently. Ds does wear the new one and doesn't ask for anything else except lego, so I'm happy to go along with it, but as kitty says, be warned they may ask for a new one every year.

superram Sun 06-Dec-15 20:29:38

If you want to buy the current home strip they will be a bit more expensive as some stockists stock last seasons-depends how bothered your 2 would be.

lavazzzalover Sun 06-Dec-15 21:50:14

DS is a Chelsea fan and boy did we struggle last year getting him a kit for Christmas. nothing to be had anywhere.

so this year we bought it in September. and panic is over. good luck getting him a decent kit!

cece Sun 06-Dec-15 21:55:41

We just bought Arsenal Kit last week for DS2. I got him to write on his list specifically which one he wanted and he also wanted his name and a number. Fingers crossed I bought the right one. I bought from Arsenal FC website - they have an online shop.

FWIW last year he had a home kit. This year he has asked for an away kit.

cece Sun 06-Dec-15 21:57:37

I warn you now it is not a cheap thing to buy!

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