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oh god help

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spritefairy Sun 06-Dec-15 11:31:43

What the heck can I get my 4year old niece?!


She is a typical girl and loves Disney princesses which everyone else has got her. Everything I think of, someone has already got it.
My budget is £20.

I wanted to get the royal princess playdoh castle with Cinderella, belle and Rapunzel but it is out of stock everywhere.

I have seen a duplo frozen castle but dh said no as its £34.99

Help! Please

OpiesOldLady Sun 06-Dec-15 11:37:43

I'd go with some nice coloured pencils, crayons, felt tips and some good quality colouring books. Maybe some other crafty bits.

Mylittlelights Sun 06-Dec-15 11:39:40

Princess dress up dress/shoes?

spritefairy Sun 06-Dec-15 11:44:49

No crafts....too much mess for my sister.
She has every dress and accessorie going...

Told you it would be hard

Hoolit Sun 06-Dec-15 11:47:02

I know you said no crafts but I bought my Dr a few years ago a cardboard house, you can get castles. You put them together then you colour them in, my Dr and her friend loved it was about 20 quid, you could get stickers or something to decorate it.
It's big enough for the little one to go inside.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Sun 06-Dec-15 11:47:23

Playmobil - I got a 4 year old the take and play princess and unicorn set .

Hoolit Sun 06-Dec-15 11:49:07

Like this

Finola1step Sun 06-Dec-15 11:49:49

M and S have a very nice "decorate your own clock" in the shape of a princess castle. £10.

Hoolit Sun 06-Dec-15 11:50:38

My dd! Not the Dr grin

VegetablEsoup Sun 06-Dec-15 11:51:54

sticker books
nice boxes to put stuff in

I would just get her moon sand just to piss off my sister tbh

Jenny70 Sun 06-Dec-15 11:52:08

Books, jewelry box, hobby horse (the ones with a stick you can "ride"), rocking chair (prob more than £20), backpack, apron and cooking things, big lego blocks (not themed). Cars to carry her dolls/figurines, like little people ones (bus, car)...

Kennington Sun 06-Dec-15 11:52:55

A globe of the world
Frozen puzzle
Solar system mobile for her room - john Lewis does one for less than. 20
??? Any good

spritefairy Sun 06-Dec-15 11:56:18

I shall check all those out but I do know that if it isn't pink,glittery or princessy it's not wanted 😒

buddhasbelly Sun 06-Dec-15 12:02:57

What about this

Skullyton Sun 06-Dec-15 12:04:19

have you asked her parents if they have any suggestions?

HemanOrSheRa Sun 06-Dec-15 12:05:31

How about this?

Ahardmanisgoodtofind Sun 06-Dec-15 12:05:47

My best friends daughter is the same.we got her a little silver necklace with a tiny diamond in, and a toy necklace "for everyday wear"and a little jewellery box. She loved having a grown up necklace and carried it in the box like it was the crown jewels. Cost us 15 quid, and the silver necklace made a nice keep sake.

Camarg0 Sun 06-Dec-15 12:07:04

I've just been in Peacocks and they have a pop-up Disney Princess Castle game for £9.60. Age 3+.

They have it on-line too at

lorelei9 Sun 06-Dec-15 12:07:07

I thought something awful had happened to someone, from your title.

HemanOrSheRa Sun 06-Dec-15 12:07:51

Or this?

Nearlyadoctor Sun 06-Dec-15 12:11:39

Playmobil princess set

spritefairy Sun 06-Dec-15 12:11:59

Thank you Herman that's perfect.

Also love the jewellery idea.

Anyone have any thoughts on this

And sorry Lorelei blush

hippoherostandinghere Sun 06-Dec-15 12:13:18

I have a 4 year old disney princess fan. The main thing she wants is disney princess guess who, do you know if any one has got her that?

She also likes magiclip dolls and she loves playmobil.

Nearlyadoctor Sun 06-Dec-15 12:15:06


spritefairy Sun 06-Dec-15 12:16:33

There is a Disney princess guess who?! Fantastic!

Will message sister (who is Stumped this year too) about it

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