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Can anyone help me find bone china tea mugs?

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ArriettyMatilda Sun 06-Dec-15 08:02:40

My Dad has just asked for bone china tea mugs and after asking in a few shops on our small high Street I've realised that they are going to be quite tricky to find. I need the collective power of Mumsnet grin

They need to be bone china or very thin and he also like them with a bit of a lip. Due to this I'd really like to see them before I buy, can anyone think of any high street shops that might sell them? I will be so grateful if anyone can help.

Nanasueathome Sun 06-Dec-15 08:06:11

John Lewis have a good range
Can order on line and have delivered to local waitrose store if no John Lewis near you

lavendersun Sun 06-Dec-15 08:13:38

I buy a few every year from our local NT place, usually when they are on offer. I like a bone china mug. Not cheap but we only break a couple a year grin if that. They are not all bone china, you have to read the description.

Starface Sun 06-Dec-15 08:30:11

If you want more budget friendly, tk maxx and pound shops sometimes do, though personally I've never liked the styles. Wilko did a white bone china range, not sure if it includes mugs. Ebay is good but obv you can't see them. I bought lovely william morris mugs, previously sold in National Trust type places on ebay.

ArriettyMatilda Sun 06-Dec-15 08:31:38

Thank you for the speedy responses. I've had a look on John Lewis. Only a couple are the right material and shape, but my dad would hate the design. I've added the pictures. Unfortunately none on the national trust are the right shape. He's quite particular.

Sleepyfergus Sun 06-Dec-15 08:52:23

Try supermarkets. I've had some lovely ones form Morrisons, Sainsburys and I noticed yesterday that Waitrose had some V&A inspired ones.

Sleepyfergus Sun 06-Dec-15 08:53:07


Sleepyfergus Sun 06-Dec-15 08:54:19

Sorry, pressed post too soon. Link to Sainsburys ones, if this shape is okay, then def try Waitrose, Sainsburys or Morrisons.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sun 06-Dec-15 08:54:32

Dunoon mugs are my absolute favourite ever mugs.

Temptation gifts sell a good range.

They are beautiful mugs to drink out of.

ArriettyMatilda Mon 07-Dec-15 09:17:57

The dunoon mugs look amazing but I know he wouldn't want me to spend that much on mugs, especially as he's asked for these due to the last lot getting broken.

Thank you for supermarket suggestions, the two small supermarkets in my town has one bone china mug in each so I just need to choose which supermarket to drive to as they are about half an hour away.

bookbook Mon 07-Dec-15 09:23:32

The Dunoon mugs are lovely smile
Waitrose do a nice selection as well, from £5

INeedACheeseSlicer Mon 07-Dec-15 09:28:08

Maybe have a look at McLaggen Smith mugs. They have lots of designs, and I'm sure they have bone china. You wouldn't be able to see them first - but the ones I have are very nice and fine, lovely to drink out of, and you can zoom in to look at the pictures on the website.

Have you tried Whittard's? They always have bone china mugs.

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