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homemade Christmas card

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MadauntofA Sun 06-Dec-15 07:59:39

Any ideas for making a homemade card with a 7yr old - she wants to make one for a relative who is quite religious, so would appreciate a nativity scene card rather than a Christmas tree type card. Other than drawing directly onto the card, any creative ideas??

Trills Sun 06-Dec-15 14:07:46

My mum used to keep cards from the last year so we could cut them up and do sticking - but obviously that's a bit tricky without a time machine!

Frankiecatmoscow Sun 06-Dec-15 15:36:31

Baker Ross do lovely Christmas card kits lots of nativity sets etc. very easy to use and very reasonably priced. Fast delivery as well if I remember correctly.

surpriseitsme Sun 06-Dec-15 16:13:44

I've cross stitched a few this year. First time I've ever tried making my own cards it's very satisfying!

insan1tyscartching Sun 06-Dec-15 18:18:34

What about like this? You could combine all the individual cards on one scene I would imagine.

PurpleTreeFrog Sun 06-Dec-15 18:22:48

Draw a nativity stable on the card, then draw or print off the little animals, people etc on a separate piece of card and cut them out. Use sticky "dots" or little bits of padded double sided tape to stick them onto the nativity scene, making a kind of raised/3D effect.

MadauntofA Sun 06-Dec-15 18:43:21

Thanks for the ideas - I love the finger print ones and may do some stuck out backgrounds as well!

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