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What to get 10 yo nephew?!

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ComeInBaldrick Sat 05-Dec-15 14:36:44

I'm really struggling with what to buy my 10 year old nephew for Christmas. I have no kids, what do 10 yo boys like?! I know he loves football and has a strip, football, fifa game etc.

Any help really appreciated, thanks smile

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 05-Dec-15 14:38:00

Lego Ultra Agents

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 05-Dec-15 14:40:53

Headphones - they always break.
Cycle lights
Anything starwars lego (see tesco for starwars onsies and cool dressing gowns)
Warm fleece jacket/hoodie

ComeInBaldrick Sat 05-Dec-15 17:36:51

Great, thanks for the ideas smile

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 05-Dec-15 17:51:39

Messi. Football socks?

YellowOlives Sat 05-Dec-15 17:53:41

I have bought my twin nephews a duvet cover each. One a Man U one and the other Jurassic Park. I will add a board game for them to share.

ELR Sat 05-Dec-15 17:57:33

My 10 year old son has got,
Bean boozled
Gummy bear light
The Premiership winter football
Zombie making kit
Battlefront Xbox one game
Plus stocking and a trampoline

Peach1886 Sat 05-Dec-15 17:57:39

Juggling balls - you can get a set for about ten quid 😊

enderwoman Sat 05-Dec-15 18:01:19

Nerf gun and bullets
You can get lots of spy related toys like night vision goggles
Torches - can never have enough of those
If he has a iPod touch or other Apple product you can gift him an album or app (some people prefer this to a voucher as it's more personal)
Japanese or American sweets
Emoji pillow

enderwoman Sat 05-Dec-15 18:03:30

Guiness Book of Records Gamers Edition
Ripleys Believe it or Not (My kids prefer this to normal Guiness Book of Records)

ComeInBaldrick Sat 05-Dec-15 19:45:50

Lots of fab ideas, thank you so much smile

TheHouseofMirth Sat 05-Dec-15 19:53:55

Football boot bag with his name on?

Jenijena Sat 05-Dec-15 19:55:17

I'm buying my 10yo cousin a chemistry set - I know he likes science stuff.

imwithspud Sat 05-Dec-15 20:08:38

Following as I'm struggling for ideas for my cousin who has just turned 11, he's not really that sporty, but is into video games and technology, oh and wrestling.

Last year I got him a David Walliams book, Gangsta Granny I think it was - not sure if it got read or not. There are quite a few books for this age range. But I'm not sure what to get him this year, like the headphones suggestion might see if I can get him some decent ones for his tablet.

IveGotAGoldenTicket Sat 05-Dec-15 20:23:24

We've bought our 10yo Nephew this Lego Technic kit

newname99 Sat 05-Dec-15 21:05:22

What's the budget?
Lego ninjago or nanoblocks.
Moon ball (under a tenner).
Cambridge brainbox do good ranges of electronics.
Books - Tom Palmer has a great series that features football (Foul Play)
Walkie talkies -- some of these are really good now
Nerf gun and bullets

imwithspud Sat 05-Dec-15 22:29:43

Just bought this for my cousin, not bad at £5. Good for anyone with young WWE fans.

HerdOfRhino Sun 06-Dec-15 07:27:00

Plasma Light
Don't Buzz the Wire
Jenga Boom
Illuminating Globe
Rubix Cube
Domino Rally
Marble Run

shadesofwinter Sun 06-Dec-15 10:24:56

Bopit Tetris

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