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Turkey Help!

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StarDustMonkey Fri 04-Dec-15 21:12:18

Ok I'm after a bit of advice please! For Christmas day I am hosting dinner for 7 adults and 3 children (2 of the adults are vegetarian, one being my DH!). I am going round in circles as to what turkey to buy.

I could get a 1.5kg turkey crown or a turkey breast from M&S for about £30, or I can get a 3.5kg turkey crown or a smaller turkey breast from my local farm shop for £30-£45 depending on whether I get the crown or breast.

I know my local farm shops turkeys are lovely as we have had them the last few years round my mum's. I have no idea what M&S turkeys are like.

Also I have no experience about cooking a turkey breast, and am worried if I went that route it would become dry and just horrible.

Please can someone advise me!

Thank you

dreamingofsun Fri 04-Dec-15 21:27:00

turkey crowns are the best. i spent years cooking whole ones as some of my relatives reputedly preferred dark meat. had a crown a couple of years ago as one of the ovens had broken. so easy.

we've had all sorts of turkeys, frozen morrisons, posh bronze fresh ones from waitrose. to be honest, as long as you don't grossly overcook them i'm not convinced there's much difference noticeable - after a few glasses of alcohol and all the trimmings.

so i'd go for a reasonable quality crown and get it from the most convenient place possible. i'm having mine delivered by waitrose

i steam mine sort of....basically dawb with butter and seal in 2 layers of foil with a bit of an airgap at the top and it steam, then take foil off for last hour. so no basting all morning for me and keeps it moist

CointreauVersial Fri 04-Dec-15 21:29:46

I'd go with a small whole turkey, but that's just me. I adore dark meat, and could eat turkey sandwiches and turkey soup until February! Crowns begone.

StarDustMonkey Fri 04-Dec-15 22:09:45

Arh I'm not keen on the dark meat myself, so will definitely be going with a crown now! Just now debating if I spend the extra for a larger, but known to be lovely, crown from the farm shop, or spend less on a smaller crown from M&S.

Out of interest, if I get the 3.5kg cornw, how many should that feed?

Thanks again!

StarDustMonkey Sat 05-Dec-15 07:13:50


StarDustMonkey Sat 05-Dec-15 10:15:45

Anyone who can help on size of turkey?

girlywhirly Sat 05-Dec-15 10:40:13

Cover the turkey crown in streaky bacon and foil, it will baste in the bacon fat. Or you could try roasting it breast side down so that it bastes in it's own meat juices. You then turn it over partway through when you want to brown it. You can also put something like half an apple or peeled onion under the ribcage of a crown, this adds flavour as well as steam to keep the meat moist.

I prefer the bacon option. Have had M&S crowns years ago and were very good. How big depends on whether you like leftovers. I used to get one to feed 8-10 for 4 adults and 1 child, it fed us for Christmas lunch and Boxing day sandwiches. In your position I would buy the farm shop crown if you know you like it, and do something with leftovers, even if you freeze a load of turkey curry for another time in the New Year.

Grumpyoldblonde Sat 05-Dec-15 10:44:32

I would also go for a crown, size depends on whether you want leftovers for sarnies. I did spend a fortune on an M & S one once, and while it was lovely it was tiny (and around £50)

StarDustMonkey Sat 05-Dec-15 10:59:46

Thank you all. The crown from M&S would serve 6-8, so with 5 adults and 3 kid this may be pushing it! I think I'll go with the farm shop crown as cover it in streaky bacon!

Thank you

Grumpyoldblonde Sun 06-Dec-15 09:07:04

I do think the serving guides on Turkey crowns are on the mean side, and are for a couple of thin slivers - I like a lot of Turkey and always go for a bigger size to be safe.

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